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  • Reply to: Campuses Hone Tactics As BDS Wars Loom   3 hours 3 min ago

    If you are serious about having an open and balanced dialogue then tours to the Middle East must not be just to Israel but also to the Palestinian territories occupied/controlled by Israel.

  • Reply to: 10 Lessons From The Gaza War   6 hours 54 min ago

    Good stuff. Especially this: "In hindsight it seems clear that officials in Jerusalem should never have tolerated hostile rockets fired years ago, and consistently over time, into Sderot and other communities in the south. It signaled that citizens of Israel there, rather than in cities like Tel Aviv or Haifa or Jerusalem, warranted less protection. The refusal to take an immediate and more aggressive stand against forces seeking to kill Jews living inside Israel’s borders was a moral, military and diplomatic mistake. The lesson: You fire on our citizens and we will respond with full force. Will that be the case going forward?"

  • Reply to: Woman To Head YU’s Women’s Torah Study   10 hours 24 min ago

    1. Training Jewish women for non-careers in an area where they will never be accepted as authoritative seems like a true case of fraud on the student.

    2. Indulging the "peyos envy" of talmud study results in a lack of focus on tanach which had been a strong suit in women's Jewish studies.

    In their effort to appease, YU is playing right into the hands of its critics and detractors.

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    Birthright must shift to bringing high school age kids to Israel. They will then arrive at college equipped with the knowledge and insights necessary to contend effectively with these challenges.

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    Jonathan Mark your assoc. Editor has literally changed the thinking in positive way of hundreds of people I work with ( volunteer basis) with, all over country. He is an elevated soul as seen in his awesome stirring articles.