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    What a joy, especially at this time of sadness in the world, to read of a new rabbi who has had life experience and who believes in all of us. Who believes that no matter who we are, we can find the divine and beauty in Judaism. Thank you for

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    Something needs to be done about the backwards elements of judaism.

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    So dramatic Rabbi. My goodness.

  • Reply to: Jacob Applebaum, Internet Activist, Steps Down Amid Allegations Of Rape   2 days 18 hours ago

    This is a poorly researched and formatted article.

    For example, allegations of plagiarism against Jake should be dismissed.

    Most of the anonymous accusers on the web site have been openly identified, many of them by openly going to be interviewed by mainstream media outlets such as Gawker. The anonymous web site stands largely for salacious effect at this point, particularly after the Zeit article.

    The impression of timing would make it seem that changes at Tor have been prior to Jake's resignation. At the first accusation, Jake honorably offered his resignation, and to the best of my knowledge was not forced to resign.

    It is only recently that he was found -- without the Tor private investigator ever interviewing him, but only interviewing the accusers, contrary to any resemblance of fairness (which can be verified by the NY Times account) -- liable for workplace harassment, but not guilty of any crime. This isn't even a civil ruling, but an internal disciplinary finding.

    He didn't "reportedly" accept an award on Snowden's behalf. He did.

    Please get your details right. This is very sloppy reporting. The community is already up in arms about this controversy and stories such as this simply do not help.

    Shava Nerad, culturally Jewish, if it matters
    founding executive director
    The Tor Project
    long retired, speaking for self only

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    A religion without love is not a religion.