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    I grew up in Forest Hills, New York. At the Knish Nosh, I would stop to buy their liver knishes. They were the best and the only ones to make liver knishes. After stopping there one day, I had to return them as they were rancid. I bought them again a few weeks and the same thing happened. When I stopped there a few months later, they had discontinued making liver. What a disappointment.

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    Listened to the This American Life episode and it made me sick.

    The terms that came to my mind - regressive, despicable and racist. This is an immoral act by those in power. Needs to be stopped

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    This Hasidic community is the majority of the population in this town. No one else can get as many votes.

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    I attended East Ramapo School District when it was an excellent school district. (more than 30 years ago) It is heartbreaking to see what has happened there. Ironically, that district pays more per student than other wealthier districts in the area. ...And much of it has to do with Special Education services. Children are classified as Special Needs and the district then must foot the bill for (private religious) education costs, bussing, books, computers, and related services, etc. The corruption is blatant and there seems to be little that the state education department or the taxpayers can do. I am grateful that This American Life has decided to focus on this story. I think the only antidote is to vote-- all of us, individually and in great numbers. Many Thanks.

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    After listening to the program last night, I wondered why This American Life didn't mention the per student cost that East Ramapo paid this year compared to other Rockand schools. They checked around and found that other school districts in Rockland raised property taxes much more than East Ramapo over the past few years to pay for schools, but they didn't mention the actual cost per pupil. After one Google search I found Doing a quick comparison I easily found out that East Ramapo currently pays $24,256 per student (more than Clarkstown and Pearl River and certainly not much less than most of the other Rockland distrcts - excepting the wealthier ones), and putting East Ramapo in the top third of New York State schools. The real story here is how unreasonable demands by unions for pensions and other benefits agreed upon by past school boards who felt they had a blank check to spend the taxes of private school parents has resulted in a huge reality check now that there are finally fiscal restraints that are fair to the tax payers.