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    Why would a Jewish man have a problem marrying this woman whose annullment was granted by the IBD?
    What authority usurps the IBD?

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    Rabbi Kraus, thank you so much for what you are doing for Agunot. My personal journey traversed 35 years after a civil divorce ... literally a lifetime. I am Conserva-dox Jewess from North East and am appalled that Rabbi Schachter would "use his power" to get another Rabbi off the IBD with a promise to desist from further negative remarks and then GO BACK on his word and continue to continue his attacks. Rabbi Schachter..... what about YOUR adherence to Halacha in regards to attacking others? It appears in the article that Rabbi Schachter has allowed his ego and power to over-ride righteous and right decisions. Alas, THIS is the reason why there is a rift in the Orthodox communities.

    Living as an Agunah is demoralizing. We live in black and white instead of 10 Commandment Technicolor, as life was meant to be. I don't agree with large monetary demands as our "Sarah" has cited. We need to get back to the basics... right and wrong.

    Danke, and Today Rabah Rabbi Kraus and may the New Year bring you much Joy, Wellness and the strength to continue on this worthy and righteous cause to help thousands of women.

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    Sixty percent of Haredim attend religious services weekly or more often means 100% of the men and 20% percent of the women do. Sixty seven percent of Modern Orthodox do probably means about 80% of the men and about 50% percent of the women. Six percent of all other Jews probably means 5% of the men and 7% of the women.

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    Our local day school has African American, Chinese, and Vietnamese Jews. What did you say?

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    Once again, thanks Marty for re-directing the discussion to global issues which have always captured the Jewish soul.