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  • Reply to: Geller's Group Sponsored Muhammad Cartoon Contest   7 hours 13 min ago

    yes, she is the most vile and disgusting creature on the planet.

    but the right to free speech is one which is most crucial when tested against those whose speech is most offensive

  • Reply to: The Modern Orthodox Brain Drain: Part II   16 hours 17 min ago

    Thank you to my professor, Dr. Sharon Flatto, for addressing one of the most pressing issues currently facing the Jewish community (“The Modern Orthodox Brain Drain, Part II,” May 1st, 2015). I wish I could say that this issue is unique to the Modern Orthodox world. However, sadly, it is not. Time and again in both the Jewish- and non-Jewish world, the arts and other creative fields are the first to get cut from funders’ agendas. The larger issue at stake, though, is not strictly the actual disciplines themselves, but the intellectual rigor that they embrace. The arts promote, first and foremost, a creative, out-of-the-box way of thinking which is critical to solving some of the most pressing social, political and medical issues of our time. Perhaps we need a coalition of artists, educators and funders who will discuss how to make these careers financially sustainable over the coming decades.

  • Reply to: Humanitarian Concerns And Israeli Policies   16 hours 38 min ago

    Thank you Mr. Foxman for telling it like it is. It is natural to be frustrated by war and impatient for peace, but that doesn't explain or justify the world wide condemnation of Israel. The wretched truth is that 99% of the fault finding of Israel is because it is the Jewish state. Look, we can't even fairly compare Israel to her neighbors anymore because it is unseemly and disagreeable to describe Islamic behaviors. The best choice for Jews is to continue living the best you can and be strong. It never gets easy.

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    My father had two brothers and two sisters. One was Otto Perl of who I have no information.
    My father was born in Vienna in 1904, his father was Victor. He also spent time in Buchenwald.
    I was wondering if there is a link between my father Rudolph and Otto.
    Kind regards

  • Reply to: Orthodox Transgender Activist Speaks Out   1 day 4 hours ago

    From: Alan Levin
    Dated: 5-5-15
    Dear Editor;
    First of all , I must say that I respect the
    struggle this woman went through regarding her
    gender dysphoria. For this reason, she ought to
    be free of verbal abuse and ought to be referred
    by her gender of choice.
    What I object to is referring to herself as
    Orthodox. Every step of her transition process
    violated Jewish law. Ultimately, Jewish law is
    the ultimate decider of what is Orthodox and
    what is not. To describe her Orthodox strips
    that term of any meaning whatsoever. It is
    significant that the author of this article did not
    even bother to contact any competent Halachic
    authority, be it Haredi, Modern or Open Orthodox.
    This is another attempt by the Jewish Week to force
    acceptance of the LGBTQ agenda by the Orthodox.