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    Don't forget that it's also a convenient way to avoid going to school with (gasp) minorities.

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    I read the article a third time. Whether or not you agree or disagree with her 'wisdom' is irrelevant to whether she is or is not a psychologist. These two comments leads one to believe that only a psychologist can offer people dating insights. Please tell all the matchmakers in the world, as well as all the internet dating sites, that they need to have the word 'psychologist' in their name for full disclosure.
    Also, no where in the article does this woman refer to herself as a doctor, until you see her use the designation in her email address at the end of the article. It seems that perhaps Boker Tov and anonymous, once they learned she has a doctorate in whatever field she does, it somehow 'colored' their perception on the validity of her opinions. Agreeing or disagreeing with her 'wisdom' is perfectly fine, but their is no need to denigrate a person that has earned a doctorate. It does not matter if she is a medical doctor, psychologist, has a doctorate in civil engineering or nutrition. In the world of academia, this is the only accepted way to refer to oneself. Her having a doctorate is only 'misleading' if you believe her expertise is in dating. If she was a gasteroenterologist and labeled herself as such, would her 'wisdom' about dating be any more valid?

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    The simple fact is that people are overly emotional about this issue and have not thought out the facts. One fact is that there is no better deal to be had. Anyone who tells you that is foolish. The deal is simple, it delays up to 15 years in order for Iran to develop a nuclear weapon. 6 nations were in on this deal and two major players who followed the sanctions which brough Iran to the negotiating table have already said if the deal is not approved, they will not put sanctions back on and without them participating sanctions will no work as they have already said they will supply what Iran needs. China even went so far as to say they would sell them war planes that they buy from Israel! They only alternative to this deal is WAR! and to tell you the truth, no one with the exception of Netanyahu and Republicans in congress want war! Not even the people who are against this deal. You also need to keep in mind that President Obama has said that if Iran violates the pact he would use out military to settle matters. Republicans and some other people keep insisting they could get a better deal but that injust nonsense! If they could have gotten a better deal they would have said it by now.

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    @Michel Azaria, the American Sephardi Federation ( represents Sephardim and Mizrahim. For our purposes, "Sephardim" include Jews from Spain and Portugal prior to the Inquisition and thereafter, those who remained in or returned to the Middle East and North Africa, as well as others who came to live throughout the greater Sephardic Diaspora, spanning the globe from Salonika and Shanghai to Sheepshead Bay.
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    Your reasoned, dispassionate post is commendable, however, unfortunately, we don't live in normal times. Donald Trump's message resonates among voters because people are frustrated and angry with our political leaders. They have failed us. Americans are sick and tired of business as usual. People want to see results, they don't want politicians who play it safe in order to keep their jobs.