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  • Reply to: Holy Smokes!   8 hours 44 min ago

    The Star K wants to be politically correct in the circles it caters to. They look over their own shoulder.

  • Reply to: Hunter College Condemns Anti-Semitic Statements   9 hours 38 min ago

    I am concerned about a Hunter College esteemed professor Linda Alcoff
    embarking on an anti-white/anti-white identity crusade and evoking
    the journal RACE TRAITOR where the editor thinks that white men
    should commit suicide and do humanity a favor.
    I should mention that I heard an interview with MS Alcoff on
    Pacifica radio that was from Jan.11, 2016
    Letters and Politics program; and I found a talk by her
    on YouTube on this subject. The interview was about a recently
    published book by Alcoff: "The End of Whiteness".
    Putting out anti ethnic identity messages from an academic citadel
    seems likely to generate an equally negative response and focus
    attention on racial things from a negative vantage.
    Besides being unseemly, it is surprising that there is no academic
    critique nor challenge nor even criticism of weaponizing Philosophy
    to attack white identity which incidentally is attached to many
    individuals' bodies.

  • Reply to: ‘One Kotel, One People’   10 hours 54 min ago

    Not "tolerance and inclusion" but folly, Jews, accept the Torah as given from Heaven, don't be spoilt mugs.

  • Reply to: A Call To Welcome Asylum Seekers From Central America   10 hours 59 min ago

    I have no knowledge of the conditions of life in Central America, but the United States is not in a position to offer tens of thousands of people asylum. Our economy has been wrecked. We borrow about 20 or 30 cents of every dollar we spend. Our national debt is over $19 trillion. Have you checked the stock market lately? If you wanted to help millions of people, you should have voted for Romney. At least he knows how to fix an economy. I don't know what you are thinking. At the rate we are going, in a few years we will be Greece or Brazil. I want everyone to have lollipops and candy corn - really - but it is not realistic. Does the Torah say that we should invite tens of thousands of strangers into our tents? I'm just asking.

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    You forgot that anti Torah drivel should also be banned. both articles and comments.