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    Zachary clearly has demonstrated the midos he has learned at home & in school. It is nice to see a child that isn't caught up in the new "party aspect" we have unfortunately become accustomed to & that Zachary is truly defining what it means to become a bar mitzvah. Hopefully many others will learn from him. Zachary from your writing & deep thoughts I have no doubt that you will continue to make your parents proud and klal yisroel. Keep posting about your future interactions with Roi who should only be well. titzku lemitzvot!!!

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    It doesn't matter what anyone says, words never killed anyone.

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    If you get as far as Kosice, it is very worthwhile to visit nearby Presov and Bardejov, two lovely towns with important Jewish heritage sites (and, in Presov, a small Jewish community). I describe all three in my book "National Geographic Jewish Heritage Travel: A Guide to Eastern Europe". For further info on Jewish heritage sites in Slovakia, see the various articles and resources on Jewish Heritage Europe

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    it is imperative that Rav Goldberg goes on the public record stating his position, otherwise his name will be used to bolster the approach of Rabbi Krauss
    His statement needs to be in writing and signed.

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    Excuse me there were over 4,000 Chabad rabbis in New york this past weekend. If you don't believe me check out their banquet! They had to make a whole new hall just to fit the rabbis in one place. Get your facts straight before posting something on the web!!