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    Thanks, Gabby, for specific suggestions which are well within the reach of all of us!

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    Except when I, an orthodox woman, attempted to apply for a Wexner fellowship to study and become a "toanit" (female rabbinical advocate) so that women are not going into religious divorce proceedings as the only woman in the room surrounded by male rabbis, ex-husband, and male sofer -- I was told by the RCA who issue 50% of the Gittin in the USA that in order to be permitted by them to represent clients in their religious court proceedings, I must first become a lawyer certified by the American Bar Assoc -- But Rabbi B. Elka Abrahamson, President of The Wexner Foundation refused to allow me to apply for a Wexner fellowship if that was my career goal. She refused to accept the application. Her words to be exact: "We cannot accommodate every orthodox custom." For the reform-trained Rabbi Elka Abrahamson, a GET is only a "custom," thus it's unnecessary. For women who follow halacha, when getting divorced, obtaining a GET is mandatory in order to move on. Well, the world doesn't stand on Les Wexner, I pursued my education, became a lawyer... and stopped buying products from any Wexner owned company.

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    I was fortunate to hear Elie at his 10th lecture tribute. Our book club read NIGHT, and I then planned to hear him speak. Living in Texas, I wanted to hear him possibly here, but Elie was not speaking in our state, so I made arrangements to drive and visit the northeast.
    On November 20th, I was so fortunate to hear him, although brief, due to a tribute and other speakers, I will forever remember seeing and hearing him. It was such an honor.
    I wish the best for him, his wife, and his foundation.

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    Toomas Ilves, the current President of Estonia, gave up his naturalized US citizenship in the early 1990s in order to serve as the Estonian ambassador to the US.

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    Google Chaim Levin and read his 2012 article about the education he did not receive. If you don't care about the future of these children, be aware that many of them will be getting government handouts soon after they start having families: Medicaid, Section 8 housing vouchers, cash grants (TANF) and EBT (food stamps). One day, even the Evangelicals will figure this out.