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    I just want to send my love and appreciation for jewish week.
    Im so thankful this Passover to be alive during this great time in
    history. through much turmoil this country has faced I say today,
    through our unity genitle and jew, will break down the walls of anti-Semitism and
    hate for which many are seeking against this nation and our partner Israel.
    Sh'ma Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Ecḥad !!!

  • Reply to: A Time For Tartan   14 hours 32 min ago

    This would be a good time to reference the book "When Scotland Was Jewish"by Elizabeth Caldwell Hirschman & Donald N. Yates. I quote (p.6) "The DNA, public records,family and clan genealogical records, architecture... document the seemingly incredible claim that Scotland was, and remains, a country populated largely by persons of Jewish descent."

  • Reply to: The Remix: Tackling Matzah   15 hours 29 min ago

    The article says 'wine' and 'to taste.' What tastes good to you? Use that.

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    1- The article does NOT say that these are for the Seder table.

    2- Although many Jews insist that the Seder MUST be a meat meal, there are many vegetarian Jews who think otherwise and are kosher.

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    So you don't eat hummus or falafel either (both Arabic)? And you don't use Arabic numbers?