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    "Aayan Hirsi Ali is famous for her critique of Muslim, but did you know she has considered conversation to Judaism? That's what she told a crowd at the Israeli consulate, including Editor and Publisher Gary Rosenblatt."

    "Conversation"? According to the Society of English Majors, the correct word is "conversion."

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    In my opinion this woman may be many things, but not an opportunist. I think that you could argue that she is a zealot, maybe even a bigot, but how is she an opportunist? She is obviously risking her life for something she believes in deeply. If you think she is an opportunist, can you explain why you feel that way.

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    I know this is a really old thread so just taking a shot in the dark. I've only found limited information on jewish penentheism outside of the (great) works from David Aaron who has many books. Are there any other resources you could direct me to on the subject?

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    You're missing a significant piece of the puzzle. A week before the election, at a 'Replace Bibi' rally in Tel Aviv, a leading cultural icon named Yair Garboz belittled and demeaned Jewish traditions and (by direct implication) the entire Sephardic population of Israel. This started a wave of comments from the Leftist, Secular elite that vilified Judaism and the Jewish Religion. The religious and traditional majority (over 85% according to the latest studies) reacted to this by coming out to vote against what they (rightly) saw as Ashkenazi, secular paternalism and assimilationism.

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    Americans, from Obama all the way to American Jews of all stripes, simply do not understand Israeli politics and the Israeli people. On the whole, Netanyahu is the most level-headed and realistic leader in Israel. He lacks the long-time delusions of the Israeli left (i.e., just give the Palestinians everything and all will be OK) and he sees clearly how the nature of the Israeli population (moving away from the secular Ashkenazi elite to a pluralistic Jewish involvement and commitment. So, Obama is just waking up to the fact that Bibi is correct, there is no one to talk to really on the PA side. Bibi was correct about recognizing the healthy mixture of Ashkenazi-Sefardi, religious and traditional populace that is no longer strictly right or left wing. Maybe someday, Diaspora Jews will figure it out. Until then, they can be upset while we Israelis get on with our lives.