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    well written, well reasoned.

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    Just recently Ari Hart felt the need to pontificate about Zionism in al-Jazeera. The hop from there to joining up with a group promoting hate of the worst kind against Jews, and more specifically, visibly Orthodox Jews is not surprising in the least. Sad, but not surprising.

    What would be appropriate would be for the congregation that he allegedly serves as assistant Rabbi to take him task for this wholly inappropriate behavior and hold him accountable for his actions. Termination would not be excessive.

    Let's see if they can do the right thing or if they too, are complicit in his fanatical hatred of other Jews who are not just like him.

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    Please stop using the word "gentile." It's pejorative and insulting, communicating the idea,"You don't really exist, except in relationship to MY ethnic group. We are the center of the earth, and you can only be defined and described in relationship to us." Say "non-Jew" or "non-Jewish."

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    It would be hoped that some of these Jewish students, after getting over their being discomfited, might empathize with Palestinians who have not only been evicted from their homes by Israeli forces but have had their homes bulldozed with no time to remove their possessions.

    That's more than can be expected, it seems, from readers of the Jewish Week.

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    " A society where names are not known is a totalitarian state"...........Names are also not known when no one can remember them any longer, as it seems to be the case in EXODUS, written long after the events.
    The Egyptians were not a totalitarian society, but rather a theocracy ruled by priests, similarly as our Jewish society then.
    The Egyptians were a pious and peaceful people who never killed their enemies, in contrast to other people of that period. Slavery yes, but not killings. Slavery was an accepted institution (as it was until the 18th century in the world, including the Western world) and was practiced by us Jews then,too.
    Let us be fair to The Egyptians, as we wish fairness for our selves.