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  • Reply to: Breaking Bread As Gaza Looms   10 hours 17 min ago

    Hi Shmeckle,

    Good question. Yes, there was a kosher side to the buffet and a halal side. 


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    Was the meal actually kosher and halal? The Moslems know that they have to live side by side with us, but the Koran requires Jihad and world domination.

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    Wow.You believe that “every “modern’ person violates Halachah in one way or the other? I never did.Ironically,it was the students from the allegedly “Frummer”schools
    than my modern Orthodox Yeshiva High School who were the ones who were always stealing the Regents exams, and the like. Their excuse for stealing and cheating was that studying for Regents was “Bittul Torah.” If you think that all “Modern “people are violating Halacha in one way or the other,and that more “Charedi”people are the ones who are observing Halacha,you’re mistaken.I believe the same when I was much younger.Modern people don’t believe that it’s “fine o Steal from Goyim”etc, which many Charedim seem to believe.

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    G-d bless this man.

  • Reply to: Major Rally For Israel At UN Urges Hamas Defeat   1 day 5 hours ago

    HAMAS must be treated as a cancer on palestinian population.
    Do not matter how mach collateral damage it take it need to
    be eradicated once and for all.
    Machiavelli clearly state that all needed atrocities must be performed
    fast , otherwise we will be subjected to international hatred for long