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    Good article. It's worth mentioning that the shul has an absolutely fabulous cantor, Sam Levine!

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    I'm shocked by two of the comments here. I have a relative who has had a few seizures in her life. I would be horrified to hear her referred to as "epileptic," even if her diagnosis were epilepsy. I wonder if these folks would mind going back to the old words referring to Jews or African-Americans. They were perfectly acceptable to those who used them back in the day.

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    A powerful play about Sosua was put on by Jewish and Dominican kids at the Washington Heights Y and was the subject of the documentary "Sosua: Make a Better World."

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    250 member units in a congregation which used to have 1,000? I don't care how much money they raise from outside parties. The handwriting has been on the wall of this synagogue for decades.

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    Stephen M,
    Writing that Pollard's crime was 'staggering' is a staggering exaggeration. It was wrong; it was serious, it was a crime, but it was nothing like staggering. It involved information about some of the Arab enemies of Israel. The chief damage done to the US was embarrassment with our Arab friends and partners. Again, no one is trying to minimize Pollard's crime, but he's been in jail for more than 25 years. When is it enough. Look, you want the truth; I'll give you the truth. Casper Weinberger was a blue-blood Episcopalian with the last name of Weinberger. He hated that many people thought he was Jewish. How does an insecure non-Jew compensate for being thought a Jew? You don't give lenient sentences to Jews. You give the maximum, harshest punishment within your power to the Jew. Anyone who believes Pollard was a huge spy is wrong. Spies don't brag about their spy activities at parties, which is how he was caught. Pollard was indeed a spy, but really, quite a clumsy amateur.