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    I propose an agenda item for the next meeting of the psychologists of America. They should discuss an epidemic of mental illness which I see almost every day in the United States and which is transmitted by the mainstream media and left-wing pundits. They might call it 'racial obsession syndrome' because every problem that the media talks about is filtered through a prism of racial/sexual identity. Take for example the recent election in Israel. Juan Williams wrote this in 'The Hill':

    “The right-wing government is in danger,” the prime minister wrote to supporters on the day of the election. “Arab voters are coming out in droves to the polls. Left-wing organizations are busing them out.”
    To overlook Netanyahu’s racial politics is to send a troubling message to Americans at a time when blacks and Hispanics are overwhelmingly Democrats and the Republican Party is almost all white.

    First of all, Netanyahu's statement was TRUE. I hope we never arrive at a place in human history where speaking the truth is believed to be 'racism'.
    Second, it was the Obama campaign advisors from the US who employed the strategy of profiling Arabs and bussing them to the polls because they assumed they would vote against Netanyahu. The Obama advisors are the racists. Netanyahu was simply calling attention to what the Obama race hustlers were doing.
    Finally, while I am no expert on Israeli politics, I see no useful comparison to make between race relations in the US and the important political issues in Israel. I am pretty sure Netanyahu strongly opposes discrimination of any kind in the US and Israel. The statement Netanyahu made about bussing Arab to the polls was motivated by his desire to get out the vote of his supporters. It was NOT racist, and it had the additional benefit of being true.

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    if anything, it is far more important to subsidize and assist the non-orthodox to attend day school

    we are all commanded by mitzvot, but it's mainly the orthodox who instruct their children at home.

    without school, the non-orthodox will be lost forever

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    I would love to correspond with author, Michael about life in Bonaire.I am almost ready to emigrate their from North Wales ,Uk.Diolch,Mazel Tov.

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    This article is presenting, unintentionally I believe, this situation one-sidedly. The other side is the trampling of religious freedom as is, for instance, the case of those that believe, as the bible teaches (Leviticus 18:22), that homosexual sex thus marriage is a sin, for instance, the wedding photographer, the baker. This country was established on the principle of religious freedom as long as it does not infringe on other's rights. While not serving one in a restaurant because the owner "perceives" they are "gay" is to most abhorrent, it is also abhorrent to "go after" the photographer whose convictions prevent him or her from photographing a homosexual marriage.

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    Unless your friend's rabbi is also a licensed electrician, he really ought to check with a trained professional.