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  • Reply to: For U.S., A Lost Opportunity For Mideast Stability   3 days 10 hours ago

    Administering a Kashrut organization is an important task; but it provides no particular insight into foreign policy. All Jews love and support Israel and work for its security; many are able to articulate their concerns a lot better without the institutional and rabbinic baggage carried in this article.

  • Reply to: Nadler’s Iran Vote Unleashes Vitriol   3 days 10 hours ago

    there are decisions that are often above someone's "pay grade". Most Congressmen will vote predictably based on party affiliation and regional preferences; NY's congressional delegation is pretty split on this one; to a great degree, it wants to maintain loyalty to a dem pres, but some have a specific push from constituents.

    Nadler may be one of those who just did not feel that the opposition to the deal was that strong among his constituency to buck his party.

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    Hamas has proven one thing - they have staying power; and with that staying power comes the need to plan more than the next day's bombing.

    Ultimately, they'll acknowledge that they're not going to destroy Israel and that Israel can't destroy them without becoming a world outcast. Then they can have their own "meeting of the minds" - without the hoopla of the American blessing but with the grudging recognition that they'll be around for a while

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    Reform/conservative/liberal/reconstructionist/renewal - they are all not Judaism.

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    It's a shame you didn't include Devarim 07:01---07:03. I don't think that reconstructionists are discussing intermarrying with the 7 nations of Cana'an. Off of the top of my head, this is dealt with in Tractate Yevamoth (was it Rova???) regarding whether 07:03 is a binyan av extrapolated to all nations. I think, though, that reconstructionists jettisoned Talmudic learning principles a LONG time ago. That's actually interesting because the neither look at the Torah "literally" nor Talmudically (both are relatively closed systems). They are way, way, way outside of historical, Talmudic Judaism. Despite all of their idealism, how many carry on into the next generation? I guess their opinions are even more moot than reform & conservatives. How sad & strange to want to connect to "Jewish civilization," yet be totally rejected by the average Israeli Jew who, by default of Diaspora intermarriage & assimilation, have become the standard of Jewish civilization.