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  • Reply to: Israeli Left And Right, At Center Stage   1 day 4 hours ago

    Just saw the play today. It was wonderful, riveting and the cast soared.

  • Reply to: Orthodox-focused Holocaust Museum To Open In Borough Park   1 day 7 hours ago

    Does it show the selfish inexcusable behavior of the Satmar Rebbe during the Holocaust, or does it cover it up?

  • Reply to: The Senate Speaks Up   1 day 11 hours ago

    I want to call attention to the complete and utter mendacity of the UN, the media, the US, and the EU. A news report was just written that said in the 3 week Saudi Arabian bombing campaign in Yemen, 150,000 people have been driven from their homes, 750 are dead, and hospitals and mosques have reported extensive damage. I hear very little concern in the world. Is the NY Times running front page articles on the humanitarian crisis and war crimes every day? Is Obama demanding a Saudia Arabian ceasefire? No, he's refueling Saudi jets. I hear so many liberal Jews say they want peace; they want to change the world.
    Let's play a mind game. Let's say Israel was bombing Gaza for three weeks. How loud would be the calls for a war crime trial? How many UN resolutions would have been passed. How many NY Times front pages would we be able to line our bird cages with? The desire to change the world is warm and fuzzy, but it is false. When everyone is willing to jump on Israel for daring to exist, while savagery and barbarism explodes like the fourth of July, something is very, very wrong.

  • Reply to: Is God A Threat To Religion?   1 day 18 hours ago

    This deserves an empty house.
    They're trying to make a buck on it too, real chutzpah.

  • Reply to: ‘Safe Spaces’ For Orthodox LGBTQ Students Spreads On Campus   2 days 56 min ago

    The basic truth is that homosexuality is banned by the Torah. It isn’t good to go through life feeling angry with the world or individual people for disagreeing with you. Saying “no” repeatedly to the activity you know in your heart of hearts is not the will of Heaven it the only good policy and it is guaranteed to work and here is how- It says in the Torah that a person who tries just three (3) times to overcome his failing (in ANY category) is assisted divinely to completely overcome it ! Yes it is absolutely true! You can overcome it and teach other people how to overcome it. Stick to it. The idea is to overcome. You should succeed. “Distinctions” are what Torah is all about- using our judgement, choosing to do good, differentiating what is good from what the isn’t good, helping people to choose good, explaining, patience, praying to Hashem to help, not giving up praying to Hashem to help, not misleading other people, not leading other people down an anti Torah path despite what society would have you believe is “correct”. Not flushing your “friend’s” life down the pipe by taking advantage of his vulnerability, even if it is your friend’s intense wish to participate in that anti Torah activity. Being a mensch. Because life is worth it and Torah tells us to make judicious judgements. A pat on your friend’s back is the safest approach, as simple as it is. This is how to really respond: Do not take it lying down when a friend “comes out”. T” shuva ( removing the desire for homosexual activity) is possible and anyone who tells you otherwise is deceiving you.