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    In the banking world everyone with access to the money must leave their position for a brief while, and have another sit in their place. This assures that others have a look at what is going on.
    The same should be in all situations where people of athority can control their underlings.

    youth education
    nursing homes
    mental institutions
    after school activities etc.

    it works for our money
    lets protect our childern and citizens.
    i would also advocate rotating the Kashrut certification staff periodically.


  • Reply to: Rabbi Freundel: A Watergate Of Our Own   10 hours 50 min ago

    I agree with Erica Brown that more regulation is necessary. But I believe that, while the offenses were committed against women and in the Mikveh, that this is more a story about abuse of potential converts than about the abuse of a rabbi committed against his congregants. A life contract does not, in any way, shield the rabbi from charges of sexual abuse. As Domecles commented, there is little in a yearly review of the rabbi that would have prevented this crime. (There may, of course, be many benefits to a yearly review of the rabbi - like any other professional - but it hard to see how that would have helped here). What is most unregulated is the field of training and preparing candidates for conversation. Ironically, Freundel was involved in setting standards for conversion. But that has little to do with regulating the training process and clearing of potential converts (and sometimes baalei teshuva as well) and keeping them safe during their educational process.

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    This article completely misses the boat. Leon Klinghoffer was killed because he was Jewish. He was an American citizen, not an Israeli citizen. And he was not killed because of support for Israel, he was killed because he was Jewish.
    Even if Klinghoffer had been Israeli, it still doesn't justify his murder. Killing someone because of their nationality or religion is wrong.
    (Only then is the third issue of how this opera only shows Israel's existence from the 1940's. It doesn't even mention how Jews have lived in Israel and bought land in Israel for the past three thousand years.)

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    Let the Met run an opera critical of Islam and we shall how much courage the Met's managment and board really have.

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    if the fish content is low enough, (under 1.67%) it would be considered okay for use with chicken or meat. It's not clear if that's the case here, though.