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    Some boomers of all denominations feel a need to redefine their lives once their children become adults. I just read a guest post on the retirement site Retirement And Good Living, by a couple who decided to move overseas and volunteer to help others. there are several other similar posts by others on that site.

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    Josh is not Jewish. He's a Christian.

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    Three points: 1)Probably the most passionate speaker was a Baptist reverand from Harlem, whose name I didn't catch -- but he knew how to preach to the crowd! 2)Those of us who've lobbied on Capitol Hill and know Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez's philosophy of pacificsm were pleasantly surprised to hear her speak strongly for Israel's right to defend herself. However, she did not mention Israel's Iron Dome defensive missile system which she's opposed funding for in the past. That leaves open the question whether she's changed her mind. 3)Shlomo Carlebach's rousing song, "Am Yisrael Chai" was sung twice, one by the Maccabeats and the other by the cantor who wrapped up the program. What many won't remember is that just yards away from the stage was the spot where Reb Shlomo taught thousands of us "Am Yisrael Chai" for the first time at a Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry rally in April 1965.

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    Josh was raised Jesuit Catholic and his sister was just baptized in their church. It doesn't sound like he practices Judaism at all even though his mother is Jewish. Maybe Andi will change that ...if she is a practicing Jew herself.

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    Marvelous! A pleasure to read and to share with others!