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  • Reply to: Ex-Auschwitz Guard, 94, Sentenced To 4-Year Prison Term   2 days 21 hours ago

    I,ve watched a documentary about Auschwitz Oscar Groening was in in it too and I heard Oscar Groening didn,t know what Auschwitz was before he was there I heard he joined the SS because he likes military uniforms but not to work in a concentration camp and if he was a ss soldier there if he counted money and things like that I,m sure it was an order not because he wanted to do it he tried to get out of that shit place too I heard I heard he asked to go to the frontline but a officer said no if he didn,t kill prisoners he shouldn,t have been sent to jail only the soldiers who killed them on purpose it was their fault and the commandant and other German officers who worked there what the hell was he sent to jail for?

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    Amb, Danon is doing the best one could do in that viper's nest call the U.N.

    As for his personal opposition to the long untenable "two state solution," Israel has no partner with whom to have peace. The PA instantly acclaims its murderous terrorists "martyrs." It inscites violence with complete lies, such as claiming Israel intends to take over the Al Aksa mosque etc etc.

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    For decades, even non-Jews have respected the separation of sexes at the Kotel without fanfare. Only the Reform and Conservative have a pressing need to have their watered-down and soulless version of Judaism validated, via groups such as Women of the Wall. In the summer of 2014, I was privileged to witness the group "Africans for Israel" praying at the wall. The women all went to the women's side, and some of them were even in long summer dresses. They even respected the custom of backing away from the wall. If the Christians can do as the Jews do in Jerusalem, why can't the Jews show similar respect?

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    But can any of them explain how Judeans or Jews have no claim to Judea while Arabs from Arabia do? How is that possible?

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    I assume that you post your comments anonymously because you won't identify yourself with your hateful rhetoric