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  • Reply to: How Yishai Met Tal   2 days 1 hour ago

    that is a great marriage story.

  • Reply to: Prospect Park Frum   2 days 6 hours ago

    My family davened in Kol Israel from 1950-1971.It was a wonderful place to grow up in. The changing neighborhood finally forced our move. We stayed as long as we could for the shul.Its great that it is coming back. I hope that the yurtizt bulbs are turned on at the appropriate time. Would someone up date me on the shul.

  • Reply to: The Tattoo: Still Taboo?   2 days 10 hours ago

    This blurb about tattoos demonstrates how there is a huge generational divide as well as how misguided traditions start out in the first place. Believe it or not, traditions although "felt" to have a life anchoring effect, are actually cultural markers of identity. Tattoos in particular were invented coincidentally for the very same reason. To Identify a 'Group". It is my personal hope that we will advance to a future where grouping and exclusivity will dissolve into harmony among us all. Go hang out at a middle school some time and check out what kind of harm (selective blindness, false pride, bullying, pecking orders, false safety) these clicks cause to our children. If you wanna make a tribe....then make a tribe and God bless those who can pull this feat off today. Our structure/humanity/laws make this sort of harmonious grouping extremely that adaption must be made which makes arguing over tattoos and what was accepted 500 years ago just plain silly.

  • Reply to: Avoid The Seder Sprint   2 days 12 hours ago

    Want to keep driving Jews away from the faith - insist on dull, interminable seders and other rituals.

    30 minutes is plenty.

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    the downfall of conservative is due to the women's movement infiltrating up the reform.