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    first - to those nice young men and women at JTS: Learn a useful trade to go with your ordination; we understand there's a severe shortage of welders due to increase construction of petroleum handling facilities resulting from the shale-drilling explosion

    as conservative Judaism retreats to its natural institutional size designed for a smaller constituency, jobs for rabbis will be pretty scarce

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    The author of this letter does not no the history of this conflict. To keep making comments that use the words occupation when all the archeological evidence in what he terms as occupied territories is Jewish shows that the Jews were there first.

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    I wouldn't agree with Mr. (or Ms.) Emet in total. I don't think one can ignore the resources that the Conservative Movement put into day schools (unsuccessful for the most part) and in summer camps (more successful). The weakness of the Conservative Movement is not that their communities are housed in big buildings (something that is not limited to the Conservative Movement), but as Rabbi Epstein noted, no expectations, which counteracts any work the Movement did with its youth. While Rabbi Epstein's solution of placing expectations on its member might work in principal and in the long term, in the short term it will almost certainly result in a wave of Conservative Jews leaving the Movement and fleeing to Reform Judaism (where there are few expectations) or to non-affiliation (where there are none). It is silly to think that Jews who have been asked for no real religious commitment (and who gave little or none) will happily knuckle under to new expectations of their synagogue. If Rabbi Epstein's solution were implemented, the result would be a smaller movement, and with no guarantee of success. It would be an interesting experiment, but one the Conservative Movement is unlikely to take up.

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    In a past Jewish Week article, a Rabbi/Professor at the Jewish Theological Seminary was quoted as saying the following: "Any (Conservative) synagogue that refuses to be egalitarian is separating itself from the core values of Conservative Judaism." (Article: "In Northeast Queens, 'Tradition and Change' at Conservative Synagogue, writer: Sharon Udasin). I don't think this general attitude has helped or is helping the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. It's tragic what has happened to the movement and its followers in the last several decades.

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    Obama should ignore McCain's advice, but he surely should put McCain and his war rhetoric in his place. Obama should point out to the world just how many senseless wars and bombings that McCain has called for. Personally I think too that McCain is still bitter over his two presidential defeats