BDS: The Legal Fights To Come

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Everyone, it seems, is in the BDS game these days: Sheldon Adelson, the Presbyterian Church, American universities and their students, national Jewish groups — and, not least, Congress and state legislatures. 

A sign calling for the boycott of Israeli products in Bethlehem. Getty Images

The College Road Trip: #GetMeOutaHere

Handbook of embarrassing questions? Check. New iPhone Mom can’t turn off? Check. Let the tours begin.


Editor's Note: This essay was originally published on The Jewish Week's Fresh Ink For Teens, an online magazine.

Parents of high school students do weird stuff. I think of mine as bears in hibernation. Freshman year, sophomore year, they just sort of read the paper, eat some porridge and ask how school was, but come junior year, and specifically spring of junior year, they awake, rise up and with a loud roar, scream: “ROAD TRIP!”

Wake me when it's over: Doria Leibowitz sleeping in the car after a grueling round of college tours.

For Dershowitz, Unlikely Calm At Brooklyn College

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He’s thrown haymakers at liberal Zionist Peter Beinart on CNN. He’s said President Jimmy Carter and Archbishop Desmond Tutu “have blood on their hands” over civilian deaths in Gaza. And he’s railed against J Street’s so-called “big tent” on Israel.

Alan Dershowitz making a point last week at Brooklyn College, where his Israel views met little resistance. Moshe Berman

Preparing For College? Consider The Israel Factor

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Dear High School Senior,

The spring of your senior year is an exciting time in your life. You most likely are feeling a well-deserved sense of accomplishment on the verge of completing your high school career and, for those of you going on to college in the fall, a sense of anticipation as you look forward to campus life and a new level of independence. But there may also be a healthy dose of anxiety as to how you will fare on your own.

Gary Rosenblatt

How Many Jewish College Students Experience Anti-Semitism?

The results of a new national study will shock you.

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More than half of self-identified Jewish college students at campuses in this country report that they have experienced or witnessed anti-Semitism there, according to a new national study.

New national survey finds that half of Jewish college students have experiences anti-Semitism. via

Nativ College Leadership Program In Israel Opens Inclusion Track

The Nativ College Leadership Program is launching a new track on Nativ called “Yozma.” Yozma will be an inclusion track for college-bound Jewish young adults, aged 18-21, with mild cognitive and social challenges. 


As Hillel Head Steps Down, Questions Mount For Campus Organization

Firestone leaving amid budget,
fundraising pressures.


The announcement this week that Wayne Firestone is stepping down as president and CEO of Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life next spring has set off a flurry of speculation as to why the 48-year-old professional would leave the top post he has held since 2006.

Wayne Firestone: His exit seen as sign of the times.

Israel Advocacy on Campus Gets New App

In response to a changing attitude toward Israel on college campuses, the Israel advocacy group StandWithUs lauched in 2001. Its goal was to serve as an informational guerrilla unit of sorts and work with established campus organizations like Hillel to combat anti-Semitism and anti-Israel propaganda. With calls for universities to divest from Israeli companies still occurring on campuses across North America, StandWithUs has found itself growing in recent years and working harder to reach more college students.

StandWithUs releases new mobile app as it continues to educate about Israel on college campuses

Campuses Are Safe For Pro-Israel Students

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As Israel Apartheid Week launched at schools across the country last month, StandWithUs, an Israel advocacy group, had a message: pro-Israel students needed to fight.

The Israel advocacy organization’s statement described the campus Israeli-Palestinian climate in bellicose terms, calling IAW a “hate fest,” and advocating a “hard-hitting, aggressive response” on some campuses. It reassured readers that StandWithUs has “a big arsenal of materials for students” countering anti-Israel activities.

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