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Eat And Drink Like Mad Men

Kick it old-school with food and drink inspired by the series' return.
04/03/2013 - 20:00
Food & Wine Editor

"Mad Men" returns for its sixth season this Sunday, and all of the anticipation and excitement surrounding the two-hour premier may have sent you on a nostalgia trip to the good old 1960's. Fortunately, Amy J. Barry, a child of parents quite similar to the Drapers, has cooked up some delectable 1960's-inspired recipes, featured in The Day

Throw a retro party to celebrate the return of Mad Men. Istockphoto

Whole Lot Of Shaking For Passover

Cocktails and punches to enliven a festive gathering.
Special To The Jewish Week
02/27/2013 - 19:00

Until fairly recently, kosher-for-Passover alcoholic alternatives to wine were pretty much limited to young-and-fiery Slivovitz (an acquired taste) or rotgut Israeli vodka or gin. These days, thankfully, there are a growing number of quality kosher-for-Passover spirits, including several kosher-for-Passover Cognacs, liqueurs, kirshwasser, and even quality, boutique-made, kosher-for-Passover gin, vodka, and Slivovitz.

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