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‘As Jewish As You Get’

A rookie reporter recalls a 1980 encounter with ‘Yidl Izhik,’ a very good politician.

Special To The Jewish Week

When I interviewed Ed Koch in 1980, his father had just visited him at Gracie Mansion. When the elder Koch heard his son criticized, he asked, in characteristic family style, “What do you need this for?”

One icon, and another: Koch and Pope John Paul II. Getty Images

Where Jewish Studies Captivates Non-Jews

City College’s unique program serves as a cross-cultural bridge

Special To The Jewish Week

Sarah Jafferali, who was born in Trinidad, did not meet a Jew outside of the Bible until she was 13. Her family had moved to Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and she accidentally kicked a soccer ball into the yard of some chasidic Jews. She looked at them, and they at her, but not a word was exchanged as she retrieved her ball.

Last May, she graduated from City College with a major in Jewish studies; she now works as the administrative assistant in CCNY’s Jewish studies program.

Klezmer and hijabs: Diversity is the hallmark of City College’s Jewish studies program. Michael Datikash
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