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Rick Perry, Sean Penn, Sheldon Adelson And Chris Christie Fete Shmuley


New York  — The last time New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie spoke at a venue attended by Sheldon Adelson, he alienated the Republican Party mega-donor and other hawkish pro-Israel Jews by referring to the West Bank as “the occupied territories.”

Chris Christie And The Quest For Truth

Jewish Week Online Columnist

Perhaps it’s because he always seems so full of himself, or maybe it’s that he has never displayed even an iota of self-doubt, or that he always seems to take such delight in belittling questioners and critics …  It may well be for one of these reasons or quite a few others, but I have to admit to more than a little schadenfreude as I watch New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s carefully constructed persona slowly come apart before our eyes. 

Rabbi Gerald C. Skolnik is the spiritual leader of the Forest Hills Jewish Center in Queens.

Christie’s Advice To Israel: No Concessions


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie cautioned against Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank, Jerusalem or the Golan Heights.

New Jersey’s Christie Visits Israel


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie made Israel his first official overseas trip this week, meeting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a visit that may boost the rising Republican star’s foreign policy credentials ahead of November’s presidential election.

Christie, 49, is mentioned as a potential vice presidential candidate in 2012 and a possible presidential candidate in 2016. He has brushed aside repeated appeals from top Republican donors to enter this year’s presidential race.

A Job For Chris Christie

New Jersey's Gov. Chris Christie is a tough guy.

The former federal prosecutor is known for blunt talk and quick rejoinders to critics. The other day, up in New Hampshire, Christie had the back of the guy he probably hopes will tap him as vice presidential nominee. When hecklers shouted that Mitt Romney "kills jobs," the former Massachusetts governor politely said that view was unfortunate.

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