chemical weapons

Syrian Chemical Weapons Removed. Maybe

After weeks of delay and excuses, the last of Syria’s known stocks of chemical weapons have been shipped out of the country for destruction abroad, according to the U.N. monitoring organization, the New York Times reported today.

Assad: Israel Should Ditch Chemical Weapons, Too


Syrian President Bashar Assad said Israel should be required to get rid of its weapons of mass destruction, including chemical weapons.

Iron Dome Deployed In Tel Aviv As U.S. Moves Closer To Syria Strike


The Israeli army has deployed the Iron Dome rocket interception system around Tel Aviv in preparation for a possible strike by Syria.

As Israelis Mob Gas Mask Distribution Centers, Army Urges Calm


Daniela Hayoum arrived at a Tel Aviv post office at 7 a.m. and took a number.

The line of people waiting for gas masks was long and Hayoum stepped away to run errands. She returned in the afternoon to find hundreds of Israelis crowding under a hot sun on the building’s wide steps, some holding umbrellas and others food.

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