New Wines, Outside

Toast the harvest holiday of Sukkot with flair by laying in a stock of these new kosher wines.

09/30/2014 - 20:00
Special To The Jewish Week

With festive eating aplenty in the offing, including as many as 22 square meals in the sukkah, what more opportune time to explore some of the new wines hitting the kosher market?

Celebrate Burgundy

Drink an Israeli Chardonnay to toast Burgundy's UNESCO nod.

06/17/2014 - 20:00
Jewish Week Online Columnists

Led by the owners of two of the region’s most renowned vineyards, France’s Burgundy region has applied to become a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site. A principal aspect of their application is their long history of winemaking, which dates to the Middles Ages. Beginning in the year 910, monks classified, subdivided and named their vineyards depending upon the quality and character of the grapes and resulting wines.

Domaine du Castel “C” Chardonnay 2012

Chardonnay For Shavuot

From Israel, the best wine to pair with dairy.

05/19/2014 - 20:00
Special To The Jewish Week

‘Buy on apple and sell on cheese” is an old adage in the wine trade. The malic acid in apples will make almost any accompanying wine seem more harsh and sour, whereas the fats in cheese will make most wines seem richer and more supple (which is why so many wine shops always serve cheese at in-store wine tastings).


Is It Worth It?

A reflection on the price of wine.

03/06/2014 - 19:00
Special to the Jewish Week

One question we get asked about wine is, “Is it worth the money?”

Worth, like beauty, is subjective. Indeed, asking the “worth” question is really another way of asking, “Is it worth it to you?” It’s clear, though, that what people really mean when they ask this question is, “Do you think this is worth it to me?” So how does one begin to answer that?

Courtesy of Dalton Winery
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