Chanukah Wants You!

11/30/2015 - 19:00
Special To The Jewish Week

Do you find yourself longing for greater peace, and a bit more light, in what often feels like an increasingly dark and confusing time? Given the events of the passing weeks and months, that’s not surprising. In fact, how could it be otherwise? That is why the holiday of Chanukah has never been more important than it is this year.

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield

The Jewish Force Awakens: A ‘Star Wars’ Hanukkah Gift Guide

11/18/2015 - 19:00

In the nearly 40 years since the breakout success of the first “Star Wars” film, the franchise has raked in $37 billion, mostly from branded toys and other merchandise.

Merchandise at the Stockton Street Disney Store in San Francisco, Sept. 4, 2015. JTA

We’ve Come A Long Way, Abie

At White House's second Chanukah party, blessings, latkes and an ad hoc minyan amid dazzlingly decorated Christmas trees.

12/23/2014 - 19:00
Editor and Publisher

A friend told me that when he mentioned to his young daughter last week that he was going to attend the White House Chanukah party, she looked up at him wide-eyed and said, “I didn’t even know President Obama was Jewish.”

Gary Rosenblatt

Time To Make The Donuts

12/15/2014 - 19:00
Special To The Jewish Week

I can’t quite recall what I expected of middle age, but it didn’t involve endless worry: The precarious health of beloved relatives; the anxiety of maintaining our financial well being; the challenge of bringing shalom bayit to our nuclear family.

Elicia Brown

How Do You Spell Hanukkah?

The #1 question during Hanukkah is: What is the correct way to spell the name of this holiday? As I blogged about last year, "Since it's a Hebrew word that is transliterated into English, there are several acceptable spellings. But people still want to know if there is a consensus."

There are so many spellings of Hanukkah. Which one's the most common?

Maccabeats Rewrite Musical Expectations

YU a cappella group atop Billboard charts, adored by media.
12/13/2010 - 19:00
Associate Editor

Just as the Maccabees continued the Chanukah wars long after the eight days of flames disappeared into a wisp of smoke, the story of the Maccabeats — an a capella group formed by Yeshiva University students — and their Chanukah video continues to dazzle even as the holiday fades.

Ham It Up On Hanukkah (Again!)

Just like the return of the clothing fashion styles of yesteryear, many things on the Web tend to make a comeback too. It seems like every few years the same hoaxes, urban legends, videos, jokes and funny photos get recycled around Cyberspace.

I noticed that this is the case with a photo of ham -- yes, ham! Through Facebook, hundreds of users are recirculating the photo of the boneless spiral ham on sale at a store with the sign "Delicious for Chanukah."

Hey, isn't this the same Hanukkah ham I saw back in '07?
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