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Double Standard On Campus Drinking At Northwestern

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When Dovid Hillel Klein, a prominent rabbi with the Chabad chasidic Jewish movement, served as the guest chaplain at the opening of the House of Representatives’ April 2010 session, he related a pearl of wisdom that he’d first heard at a comedy show at Northwestern University in Chicago.

N.Y. Gets $3.1 Million In U.S. Security Funds

Bulk of nearly $10 million for nonprofits nationwide goes to Jewish groups, including 43 grantees here.

Assistant Managing Editor

Chabad houses, yeshivas, organizational headquarters and even a mikveh in the New York area are among the beneficiaries of $9.7 million in funds allocated by the Department of Homeland Security for Jewish organizations and facilities considered vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

That sum is 97 percent of the $10 million budgeted in the nonprofit Security Grant Program, one of several programs intended to improve so-called soft targets. The funds are a substantial reduction from last year’s $19 million for the program.

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