death and dying

Burying The Last Taboo

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Boca Raton, Fla. — Sandy Yacker of Boca Raton, whose friend’s husband had been sick for 10 years, hung up the phone after learning that he had died the previous night. “She’s having him cremated,” Yacker said matter-of-factly of the widow’s decision, in a conversation with a reporter moments later. “The family is in Chicago and they have just a few relatives here.”

Finding Comfort Where It Is To Be Found

When last I wrote, I had recently returned from Israel and visiting my very sick mother. Since then- just a little over two weeks ago- she died. I flew back to Israel for the burial, sat shiva with my sister for a few days, and then returned here to complete my shivah in my own community in Forest Hills. The day after I got up from shiva was the eve of Shavuot… It’s been a very long, and very exhausting few weeks.
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