Can Zionism Be The Answer?

A nuanced form of the Jewish state project can galvanize the community.

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Students of American Jewry often point to 1967 as a watershed in the evolution of the American Jewish community. The anxiety that American Jews felt in the weeks leading up to the Six-Day War was palpable. There was no evidence that Israel could defend itself against any concerted Arab military assault, no less a multi-front war.

Sid Schwarz

Remembering Jabotinsky On Yom Ha’Atzmaut

I am alive because of Vladimir Jabotinsky. True, I was born nearly two decades after the Revisionist Zionist leader's death, but that is a mere technicality, a wrinkle in time. 

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ZOA’s Klein Re-Elected, Fending Off Challenge From The Right

Vote was first real test for longtime president; rival cited ideological and fiduciary issues.

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Morton Klein was overwhelmingly re-elected president of the Zionist Organization of America during the organization’s convention in Philadelphia yesterday.

Klein, 66, said the landslide win was a “clear repudiation of the false and outlandish claims of my opponent, and it was a mandate for the work I do at the ZOA.”

Morton Klein

Our Dinners With Rashid

Talking to Khalidi, the Columbia professor, helped spark productive discourse.

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What used to be an internal conversation about the political open-mindedness of the North American Jewish community has recently been playing out in the public sphere.

Khalidi Rashid: Has conducted a long-standing dialogue with Jewish students at Columbia University.  Wikimedia Commons

Who’s Teaching (Defending) Zionism Anymore?


Israel is under attack. Not across the ocean but right here in New York. The mayor of New York has been roundly criticized by some major figures in our community for his embrace of AIPAC, the Israel lobbying group whose politics have always been in sync with Israel’s democratically elected government, left or right. This was a challenge not to any Israeli policy but to AIPAC itself. As Reform leader Rabbi Eric Yoffie countered, “A Washington without AIPAC would not mean an Israel at peace; it would mean an Israel isolated and vulnerable”

De Blasio: Israel Support Part of Mayor's Job

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Bill de Blasio, New York’s newly installed mayor, said defending Israel was part of his job.

“Part of my job description is to be a defender of Israel,” de Blasio said at a private New York event of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee first reported Friday by the Capital New York news website.

De Blasio: No greater ally on earth than Israel. Michael Datikash

Haredim, Democracy And Women Of The Wall

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The Haredi Spring is coming to an end — and not a moment too soon. In the recent election in Israel, the majority rose up and called a halt to the process of haredi, or ultra-Orthodox, Jews playing a dominant role in the government coalition while resisting national service. Requirements for army service and incentives to work instead of living on welfare are now being discussed in the Knesset. The haredim have reacted by insisting that their way of life and privileges were sacrosanct and could not be reined in by the democratic process. In truth, they have never seemed comfortable with real democracy.

Rabbi Yitz Greenberg

Israel Advocacy: Please Move Forward

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At this time of year our thoughts turn towards Jerusalem as we mark the “Three Weeks,” leading up to the Fast Day of Tisha B’Av when we mourn the destruction of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem.

Paula Jacobs is a writer, teacher, and consultant in the Boston area.

Israelis And U.S. Jews: How Much Criticism Is Fair?

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Many American Jews have insisted that a healthy, mutual friendship with Israel entails criticizing Israel. Many Israelis, especially those who work with Jews from the center and the left, have accepted those marching orders, creating paradigms about “hugging and wrestling.” And they share reassuring philosophical insights like Harvard’s Michael Sandel’s teaching that embarrassment reflects belonging — Syrian brutality does not embarrass us: Israel’s milder mistakes do.

Gil Troy

Yom Hashoah, Yom Ha’atzma’ut, And The Jewish Condition

Jewish Week Online Columnist

My sister in Israel is fond of saying that her least favorite Shabbat of the year (tongue firmly in cheek) is when we recite the blessing in anticipation of the new Hebrew month of Nisan (meaning, of course, imminent Passover and all that entails).  Conversely, her favorite Shabbat is when we recite the blessing in anticipation of the new Hebrew month of Iyar (meaning, of course, the end of the Passover season, and imminent celebration of Yom Ha’atzma’ut, Israel’s Independence Day).

Rabbi Gerald C. Skolnik
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