Yigal Amir

Sympathy For The Devil: Killers and the Women Who Love Them


He is, subject to the findings of a jury that he is guilty, or of a judge that he is certifiably insane, a mass murderer, a demented college dropout who walked into a movie theater near Denver recently, armed to the teeth and armor-protected all over his body, and opened fire, committing one of the greatest killing sprees in modern American history.

He is, by anyone’s estimation, a real creep, appearing in court for his first post-shooting appearance with a shock of carrot-red dyed hair and an attitude of profound, blank-stare indifference.

Rabin Assassin's Brother Released From Jail After 16 Years

05/03/2012 - 20:00

Hagai Amir, who helped his brother Yigal Amir plot the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, was released from prison.

Authorities at the Ayalon prison in Ramle, in central Israel, released Amir, 43, on Friday morning.

He had been in prison 16 years and has never expressed remorse for his role in the Nov. 4 1995 murder of the Israeli prime minister by his brother, a right-wing extremist.

Protesters gathered outside the prison. He greeted them with a "v" sign.

Incitement In Israel: The Crude And The Criminal

01/08/2008 - 19:00
Associate Editor
Israeli political arguments can be crude but are they criminal? After the Rabin assassination, conventional wisdom insisted that Yigal Amir was the “Manchurian Candidate” of Israel’s right. Rallies in the weeks before the murder would sometimes feature photos of Rabin dressed like a Nazi, while fringe rabbis cast spells amounting to a death sentence in retaliation for Rabin’s refusal to slow the peace process even as Israeli busses were exploding with regularity.
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