Mideast Peace: Search and Rescue

The coalition guidelines Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented to Knesset on Wednesday revealed more by what they did not say that what they told about where he wants to lead his newly minted right wing government diplomatically.

The guidelines offered only vague language about peace and made no mention of the two-state approach or any new diplomatic vision or peace initiatives for the Netanyahu's fourth term.

Instead it offered what the Jerusalem Post defined as "a rather anemic clause" declaring:

Catholics And Jews Pan Film Defending Wartime Pope Pius XII


A new Italian film that attempts to defend wartime Pope Pius XII against accusations he turned a blind eye to the Holocaust has been panned by the Vatican as well as Catholic and Jewish media.

Pope Francis: ‘Inside every Christian is a Jew’


Vatican City – Underscoring the close ties between Christianity and Judaism and calling Holocaust denial “madness,” Pope Francis told an interviewer that “inside every Christian is a Jew.”

The Pope meets Israeli president Shimon Peres for a peace prayer in June. Getty Images

New Pope Seen As Sensitive To Jewish Concerns

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The selection of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina to be the new pope of the Roman Catholic Church is being seen as a move that will continue to cement Catholic-Jewish relations.

Newly elected Pope Francis I appears on the central balcony of St. Peter's Basilica. Getty Images

New Dialogue Leader Off To Bad Start

Vatican official charged with fostering Jewish-Catholic relations reignites tensions over Pope Pius XII canonization.

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The Vatican’s new leader of dialogue with the Jewish community came to the United States for the first time in his new position last week to help open a new interfaith center.

But he ended up reopening a division between Catholics and most Jews.

JTS’ Librarian for Special Collections Jerry Schwarzbard, left, and Kurt Cardinal Koch look over the Prato Haggadah.

Pope Wins Praise for Repudiating Jewish Guilt for Jesus’ Death


(JTA) -- Jewish organizations are hailing Pope Benedict XVI's unequivocal repudiation of the claim that the Jewish people can be held forever responsible for the death of Jesus.

The Vatican already rejected the claim in general terms in 1965 with the landmark Nostra Aetate document issued by the Vatican II Conference, opening the door to formal Catholic-Jewish dialogue. But in a new volume of his book, "Jesus of Nazareth," Benedict employs a detailed scholarly analysis of Catholic teaching to make the point clear.

Vatican Paper Slams Berlusconi Over ‘Jewish Joke’


Rome (JTA) — The official Vatican newspaper slammed Italy’s prime minister for a joke that played on Jewish stereotypes and made fun of the Holocaust.
Silvio Berlusconi told “offensive” and “deplorable” jokes, the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano said in an editorial published Sunday
Berlusconi was filmed telling the “Jewish joke” to well-wishers Oct. 2; the video clip was posted online by the anti-Berlusconi newspaper La Repubblica.

No Islamic Mea Culpas

At first-ever conference on the topic, experts explore the history and potential threat of Muslim anti-Semitism.

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In the shadow of the controversial planned Islamic center near Ground Zero and a State Department alert about suspected Al- Qaeda attacks in Europe, several dozen experts on the threat to national security posed by contemporary Muslims met here Sunday

Rabbi Richard Rubenstein

‘Mass’ Confusion Over Papal Edict

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Fearful that a new papal edict would undermine 40 years of Catholic-Jewish amity, Jewish leaders were scrambling this week to learn the implications of Pope Benedict XVI’s decision Saturday to permit wider use of the Latin Mass.

Strengthening Catholic Ties

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As a new Palestinian leadership begins to emerge along with the hope of a new era in Israeli-Palestinian relations, Israel’s ambassador to the Vatican has suggested that Israeli attention should now focus on improving relations with the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics.
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