Goldstone recants - what's the best strategy for Israel now?

 I'm trying to figure out exactly what it means that Richard Goldstone, the international jurist who presided over a UN report on the Gaza war that Israel and its friends considered outrageously biased, has repudiated its central findings.

There's little doubt that's good news to the Jewish groups here that made Goldstone a new poster boy for UN hostility to the Jewish state. Clearly it hurts the credibility of pro-peace process groups -  including J Street -  that came to Goldstone's defense after the report was released.

UN Human Rights Council Draws Jewish Praise for Iran Position


WASHINGTON (JTA) -- The U.N. Human Rights Council drew rare praise from Jewish groups for creating a position for a special rapporteur on Iran.

Hopeful Signs On The UN Front


In an international arena that is always quick to criticize Israel and slow — to put it charitably — to find fault with her adversaries, the outcry against the violent repression of protestors seeking an end to the regime of Libyan strongman Muammar Kadaffi has been a welcome development.

Hamas To Block U.N. Holocaust Lessons In Gaza


(JTA) — Hamas said it will stop the United Nations from teaching Palestinian children in Gaza about the Holocaust as part of a human rights curriculum run by the U.N. Relief and Works Agency, The Guardian reported.

New UN Settlements Fight Rages; J Street Rapped

As dovish groups urge no U.S. veto, Rep. Ackerman severs ties with J Street.

Washington Correspondent

A United Nations resolution condemning Israeli settlement building in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem as illegal is putting the Obama administration in an awkward squeeze — and thrusting two major pro-peace process groups into the tumultuous epicenter of the Middle East debate.

The Obama administration, which is expected to veto the resolution, nevertheless is caught between its own longstanding stance on settlements and political realities at home.

Queens Rep. Ackerman says UN resolution puts blame for Mideast impasse on Israel.

Human Rights Day 2010: A Day to Lament

Special to the Jewish Week

The international community on December 10 marks International Human Rights Day, the anniversary of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Genocide Conventions. Unfortunately, there is more to lament than celebrate. Although numerous institutions and organizations were established to protect and advance these rights, the international community fails to live up to its moral commitments.

`Free Iran’ Rally At UN: Deja Jew

Walking through the crowd at the “Free Iran” rally outside the United Nations this afternoon, one would think the Jewish community had spent a good deal of time, effort and money to provide hundreds of day school and yeshiva students with a summer camp reunion and social hour.

UN Takes A Beating

Staff Writer
As a kid, Simcha Felder used to enjoy the tour of the UN headquarters. Now he won’t set foot inside the world body’s Turtle Bay complex. “The only time I go there is to protest,” said Felder, Borough Park’s City Councilman. “Israel can’t seem to do anything right in the eyes of the UN, let alone get a fair shake.”

Israel Seen Poised For Spot In UN Group

Staff Writer
Israel could be just “days away” from being accepted into a regional grouping at the United Nations, a long-sought goal that would open the door for it to sit on the UN Security Council and a variety of other bodies worldwide, according to Israel’s UN ambassador, Dore Gold.

Egyptian Mistreatment Of Jews Recalled At UN

Staff Writer
A Libyan Jew described to an Egyptian official Wednesday how as a 6-year-old her teacher traumatized her and how she and other Jews were expelled after the Six-Day War in 1967. In prepared remarks before the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Regina Bublil Waldman recalled the first time she “experienced hate” when her math teacher posed the following math question to the class: “If you have 10 Jews and you kill five of them, how many Jews do you have left to kill?” “I came home crying,” she said.
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