Rockets Hit Jewish Welfare Center In Ukraine Without Exploding


Two rockets hit the building housing a Jewish social welfare center in the eastern Ukraine city of Kramatorsk but did not explode.

Giant JCC ‘Empowers’ Jews In Ukraine

$100 million center in Dnepropetrovsk provides shelter from the storm — in style.


Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine — Five months into the war that turned him into a refugee in his own country, Jacob Virin has already attended 20 Jewish weddings — including those of his son and two other relatives — at the $100 million JCC of Dnepropetrovsk.

A rendering of the Menorah Center in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, which is said to be the largest Jewish community center in Europe.

Ukraine’s Jewish Leaders Celebrate Electoral Defeat Of Far Right


Jewish leaders in Ukraine expressed satisfaction with the poor showing of ultranationalist candidates in the country’s presidential elections and the victory by oligarch Viktor Poroshenko.

Ukraine’s Jews Seen Safe Despite Appearances

Both sides in Russian-Ukrainian public relation battle condemn anti-Semitism, says visiting leader of Ukrainian Jewry.

Staff Writer

For several centuries, Ukraine earned a reputation as a center of anti-Semitism. Mobs looted the homes of Jewish merchants in the 12th century, there were murderous pogroms in the 17th century and Jewish shops were vandalized in the 19th. The 20th century was no better, with Ukrainian nationalists massacring Jews during World War II followed by crude anti-Semitic propaganda during decades of communist rule.

Josef Zissels says many American Jews exaggerate the anti-Semitic threat in Ukraine.  Adina Kissner

Jewish Mogul To Run For President Of Ukraine


Ukrainian Jewish businessman Vadim Rabinovich announced his candidacy for president of Ukraine in the May elections.

Will Ukraine Crisis Have Fallout For Iran Nuclear Talks?

Most foreign policy experts say stakes are too high for Russia to use issue against West.


Washington — The world powers holding a new round of nuclear talks with Iran starting next week are divided by another issue of geopolitical importance: the crisis in Ukraine.

The first fuel is loaded at Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant in August 2010. Getty Images

Crimea River Of Complexity

Ukraine conflict has ripple effect on Mideast crises, given Russia’s key role.

Israel Correspondent

Tel Aviv — Russia’s military takeover of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea couldn’t seem more distant from the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. But as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a swing through Washington this week for White House talks with President Obama, many officials and analysts back home see the potential for fallout in places like the Middle East.

The Russian incursion into Crimea, at the direction of President Vladimir Putin, is complicating the Mideast picture.Getty

Jewish Agency Offering Emergency Help To Ukraine's Jews


The Jewish Agency said it would offer immediate emergency assistance to the Jewish community of coup-ravaged Ukraine and help secure its institutions.

Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky’s announcement on Saturday came hours after protests in the former Soviet republic forced President Viktor Yanukovych to flee Kiev and the parliament announced new presidential elections for late May. Dozens died in violent demonstrations leading to the coup.

People lay flowers for protesters killed in past weeks' clashes with riot police in Kiev's Independence Square. Getty Images

Support Families, Not Orphanages, For Vulnerable Children

Special To The Jewish Week

My grandma Sadie lived in the town of Droghobych in Ukraine until she was 13. Nearby, there is a dirt road through a forest leading to the mass graves where the town’s last Jewish population lies buried. It is barely marked — if you did not know to look for the large slabs of concrete between the trees, you would have a hard time finding it. As a human rights lawyer who has spent a lifetime documenting atrocities, I was not prepared for the effect of this visit a few months ago. I broke into tears.

Eric Rosenthal is founder and executive director of Disability Rights Inernational.
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