As Need Soars, New Help Centers To Open Here

03/23/2009 - 20:00
Assistant Managing Editor
With Jews throughout the New York area reeling from the effects of the economic downturn, UJA-Federation of New York is poised to launch a nearly $7 million initiative to provide assistance where it is most needed. Taking the rare step of dipping into its own endowment to meet skyrocketing needs for everything from rent subsidies to mental health and legal services, the charity will create seven one-stop centers throughout the city where people can get a variety of social services under one roof.

Budget Cuts Will Curtail UJA-Fed. Programs

11/18/2008 - 19:00
Assistant Managing Editor
Pending cuts in state spending will cost programs run by UJA-Federation agencies between $25 million and $30 million, according to an estimate by the organization this week. The mid-year cuts would be in addition to a $15 million loss in program funds already implemented earlier this year as Gov. David Paterson came to grips with a soaring deficit. Overall, the cuts could amount to about 3 percent of the overall income for programs helping immigrants, the poor, elderly and disabled and others.

Ruskay Outlines ‘Sacred Agenda’

12/09/1999 - 19:00
Editor & Publisher
Gone are the days when Jewish federations portrayed themselves as synonymous with and fully representative of the communities they served. Reflecting a scaled-down sense of hubris and heightened notion of Jewish peoplehood, the new executive vice president and CEO of UJA-Federation of New York is calling for more linkages between the federation and such “gateway” institutions as synagogues, JCCs, camps and Hillels to create “caring, inspired” communities.

Filling The Void

04/22/1999 - 20:00
Editor & Publisher
A few days into his post as acting president of the new national entity for Jewish communal activity, Stephen Solender apologizes to a visitor for not knowing his way around the organization’s headquarters in the block-long old Port Authority Building on Eighth Avenue in Chelsea. His large office has no artwork on the walls and the bookshelves are bare. In conversation, he even stumbles a couple of times over the organization’s new name, the United Jewish Communities

Probe Of City Council Stalls Millions For UJA-Fed Agencies

05/13/2008 - 20:00
Assistant Managing Editor
As city investigators probe the allocation of funds through City Council member item grants, agencies in the UJA-Federation of New York network are being forced to cover about $5 million in expenses. “Across the board, we have agencies in all parts of the city [that receive grants] from most Council members,” said Ron Soloway, managing director for government relations at UJA-Federation. “There are items that are frozen.”

Up Close And Personal

10/06/1999 - 20:00
Staff Writer
In the belief that nothing gets Jews more involved in their community than a trip to Israel or seeing a Jewish community in distress, UJA-Federation is revamping its missions programs to give participants a deeper understanding of the communities they visit and the work of the philanthropy there.

Heir, UJA-Fed. In Property Dispute

02/25/1999 - 19:00
Staff Writer
When Muriel Horowitz transferred the deed of her million-dollar Great Neck home to UJA-Federation in 1992, it allowed her to live there for the rest of her life and for her son, Sandy, to be given a reasonable amount of time to remove her belongings after her death. She died last March 3 and on Monday, a judge in Mineola, L.I., will be asked to define what constitutes a reasonable amount of time.

Back To Basics

09/03/1998 - 20:00
Staff Writer
James Tisch, the new president of UJA-Federation of New York, hopes to increase fund-raising to the community’s premier charity by simplifying its goals and message. “We are a philanthropy designed to help Jews in need — in New York, Israel and around the world,” said Tisch during an interview last week in his office at the Loews Corp., where he is president and chief operating officer.

Record Increase For UJA-Fed. Campaign

07/09/1998 - 20:00
Staff Writer
Calling it a “real victory for the community,” the chief operating officer of UJA-Federation of New York announced that the 1998 annual campaign that ended June 30 had raised $123 million, a record $6 million more than the previous year. “The record campaign, while certainly helped by a strong economy, also reflects a renewed commitment to the importance of the annual campaign and to federated giving,” said the official, John Ruskay. The $123 million figure represents a gain of 5 percent over last year.

‘Jewish Unity At Its Finest’

08/27/1998 - 20:00
Staff Writer
After a rocky first year, the much-heralded UJA-Federation Unity Campaign designed to help the Conservative, Orthodox and Reform movements raise money for their own projects in Israel has raised nearly $10.5 million in pledges and organizers said they have begun to pull their act together. This effort comes at a time of a booming economy that has helped 36 federations across the country achieve record high levels of donations.
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