Baby Steps Against Terror

Implementation of October’s Wye River agreement is on hold, and officials in Washington are glum about the prospects for any progress in Israeli-Palestinian before a new government is in place in Jerusalem.

Washington Correspondent

Baby Steps Against Terror

Does Evil Lurk In Judaism?

Associate Editor

From the White House on down, Americans have been scolded not to draw any negative conclusions about Islam just because of the coincidence that so many terrorists happen to be you-know-what. But is there a problem when religion itself is blamed for terrorism?

A Terrorist With Tenure

Associate Editor

Just the other week, academics were arguing the legitimacy of inviting anti-Semitic poets to campus in the name of academic freedom. How quaint that now seems. Campus poetry has given way to actual plotting.
A federal indictment late last month charged Sami Al-Arian, a professor at the University of South Florida, with using his campus office and the cover of academic freedom to coordinate financial and terrorist operations, including suicide bombings, for Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Restrained Response To Netanya Bombing

Staff Writer and Israel Correspondent
Israelís response to the suicide bombing Monday outside a Netanya mall that killed five apparently will be measured, with pinpoint operations continuing against the infrastructure of Islamic Jihad rather than a massive ground operation in the West Bank. Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom reportedly told U.S. Ambassador Richard Jones that Israel will try to arrest members of Islamic Jihad, which claimed responsibility for the attack, and locate and destroy its bomb factories.

No Palestinian Palliatives

Staff Writer
Among his friends, David Stone said he is "viewed as a crazy left-winger" for his opinions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But he confessed to walking out of a meeting Monday with the new PLO representative to the U.S. "disheartened" by what he heard. "I have to tell you that a guy trying to reach out to people on a day like that might have begun by expressing some sympathy," he said, referring to the Palestinian suicide bombing in Netanya that killed five Israelis. "But I found him very unsympathetic."

PLO, PA Must Pay Up

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Although the U.S. Supreme Court refused this week to set aside a $116 million judgment against the Palestine Liberation Organization for its role in the murder of a Jewish couple near the West Bank in 1996, the lawyer representing the couple's children said the PLO continues to ignore the order.

The Fine Points Of Stopping Terror

Staff Writer
Even as senior Israeli terrorism experts spent two days on Long Island this week briefing law enforcement authorities from New York and three other East Coast states about terrorist tactics and how best to detect and prevent attacks, one expert stressed that the United States is not as susceptible to attack as is Israel.

New Intifada Brewing?

Staff Writer
The back-to-back drive-by shootings in the West Bank Sunday that killed three young Israelis (two female cousins and a 14-year-old) and injured six others were viewed by some Israeli analysts as just another in a string of terrorist attacks. But others saw it as the possible start of a new wave of West Bank attacks launched by Palestinians emboldened by Israel's Gaza withdrawal.

Bulldozer Prompts Hamas Big's Surrender

Staff Writer
The West Bank commander of Hamas (believed responsible for the deaths of 78 civilians and soldiers) surrendered to Israeli troops before dawn Tuesday after they surrounded his house in downtown Ramallah and brought in a bulldozer to destroy it with him inside. Ibrahim Hamed, 41, had been on Israel's wanted list since 1998 and was sought for masterminding suicide bombings at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Moment coffee house near the prime minister's residence in Jerusalem, and a double suicide bombing in Jerusalem's Ben Yehuda mall in 2001.

Blast May Fuel Hamas Self-Destruction

Staff Writer and Israel Correspondent
The Palestinian suicide attack that killed nine and injured more than 50 Monday at a Tel Aviv shwarma shop (the deadliest attack in more than a year) was widely seen as hardening the resolve of much of the world against the Hamas government and could ultimately lead to its collapse as leader of the Palestinian people.
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