NYPD’s Israeli Detective Warns Of Hamas Splinters

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A former Israeli paratrooper now working for the NYPD in Tel Aviv told Jewish leaders here on Monday that Hamas splinter groups are a growing security threat, struggling to upset a delicate ceasefire with Israel.

Terror Funders Take A Hit

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A federal appeals court ruling in the civil case of an American teen murdered in Israel is being viewed as a major step forward in the growing courtroom battle against terrorists and their sponsors. A tribunal of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago last week unanimously upheld the $200 million suit brought by Stanley and Joyce Boim against two U.S.-based Islamic organizations they allege funded the terrorists who killed their son, David, in 1996.

Kelly: We Missed Signals In '93

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Officials have not properly analyzed potential links among various terror incidents in New York, including two foiled bomb plots and the first deadly attack on the World Trade Center, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly told The Jewish Week. "I don't think we've done the kind of sufficient examination which these types of events warranted to see how closely tied together they are," said Kelly, who was top cop here from 1992-94, when some of the incidents took place.

Target: Brooklyn?

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A fugitive terrorist's boast that Brooklyn Jewish neighborhoods were targeted for attack as far back as 1993 has caused shockwaves here, with a major group issuing a security alert and politicians calling for public funds to beef up security at schools. "People are confident but concerned," said Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. "There is no panic, but people know they have to be more careful, there have to be security measures."

High Alert Here Over Hezbollah Hit

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Jewish and Israeli institutions around the world are shoring up security this week as terrorism experts warn of a near-certain attack to avenge the killing of a top Hezbollah leader in Syria on Feb. 13. And while the threat of an attack in New York is considered low, police and community officials are taking precautions. Concern was increased on Monday when a firebomb was tossed at a Jewish community center in Los Angeles, although no one was hurt and the facility was not damaged.

New Suit Against Arab Bank

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Hundreds of terror victims and their families, most of them Israelis, filed suit Tuesday against Arab Bank, which is already defending itself against claims by another group that it abets terrorism. Both suits filed in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn accuse the Jordan-based Arab Bank of providing funds for the families of suicide bombers recruited by groups on the State Department’s list of terrorist organizations. The money was transferred via the bank’s New York branch on Madison Avenue, the plaintiffs allege.

Tuning Out Terror

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Perhaps no one since Adolph Eichmann has been charged with complicity in more Jewish murders than Sami Al-Arian, the Florida professor affiliated with Islamic Jihad.

The difference between Eichmann and Al-Arian is that in 1962, the year the Nazi was hanged for his crimes against humanity, the American public and the Jewish public cared. In 2005, with the lack of media coverage, maybe they werenít given an opportunity to care.Al-Arian was acquitted last week on eight counts, including conspiring to murder, with the jury unable to reach a verdict on nine additional counts.

Israeli Give And Take

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One group came to be briefed. Another came to do the briefing. Separate delegations of Israeli experts came here recently to strengthen ties and build cooperation between the terror-plagued Jewish state and New York.

The Trials Of Fighting Terrorism

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When federal prosecutors tried last year to convict several fundraisers for Muslim organizations of supporting terrorism against Israel, their efforts fell flat. A Dallas jury rejected each of 197 charges against officials of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development. Earlier last year in Chicago, terrorism charges against two alleged Hamas activists also didn’t stick, and the two were convicted only of obstruction of justice.

Remember Who Died, Remember Who Did It

Here's something from JINSA (The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs) regarding 9-11 memorials, and what is all-too-often going unspoken by politicians. But what American politicians are too politically correct to say is, in fact, being said in the Arab media, as in this column from Al-Sharq Al-Awsat. And in memory of those who died, here's something from The Jewish Week archives (9/8/06): Realm Of The Senses by Jonathan Mark

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