Shedding No Tears For Dead Palestinian Terror Minister

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A Palestinian terrorist who murdered innocent Israeli children and maimed a Connecticut housewife — was accidentally killed this week when he joined an Arab mob surging towards some Israeli soldiers. The fact that the terrorist wore a tie and held the position of deputy minister in the Palestinian Authority did not make him any less of a murderer, or any more deserving of anyone’s sympathy.

After The Rage, The Memes

CNN apologizes for Jerusalem attack headlines.

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After coming under heavy fire for its initial coverage of Tuesday's attack at Bnei Torah synagogue in Western Jerusalem, CNN issued a public apology.

Shul Attack Seen As Game Changer

Israelis brace for escalation in wake of brazen killings in West Jerusalem.

Israel Correspondent

While Israel mourned the four rabbis murdered at the Torat Moshe yeshiva in Jerusalem this week, the country’s security forces announced new measures to protect the public and Israelis braced for an escalation of Israeli-Palestinian violence.

Site of massacre: The scene Tuesday morning at the Torat Moshe yeshiva complex in the Har Nof neighborhood in West Jerusalem.

Can Only A Beheading Evoke Horror Today?


Amidst the shock and repulsion over the attack on a Jerusalem synagogue this week, and the murder of at least four men at morning prayer by two young Arabs, is the sad realization that the tragedy does not resonate fully outside of Israel and the Jewish world.

A Timeline Of Attacks On Synagogues

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This week’s fatal terrorist attack on the Torat Moshe yeshiva-synagogue in the Har Nof neighborhood of Jerusalem was the latest act of violence against a Jewish house of worship in recent decades. Among the other ones are:

Terror Victim Sought To Become Jewish

Young Ecuadorian woman’s path to Judaism was slowed by complicated conversion laws.

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Jerusalem — Karen Mosquera, the latest victim of terrorism in Israel, was buried in world’s most revered Jewish cemetery on Monday — the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. She was laid to rest by a charedi burial society, and mourned at the funeral by large Orthodox crowds from Jerusalem and Bnei Brak.

Mourners observe the body Karen Mosquera during her funeral Monday. Getty Images

Jerusalem Light Rail Now ‘Lightning Rod’

Once a symbol of coexistence, the line is new flashpoint for rising tensions.

Israel Correspondent

Jerusalem — The light-rail platform outside of the 1967 war memorial to the soldiers who united this city was crawling with security Tuesday morning: paramilitary border policeman with M-16s and green berets, a burly private guard with an earpiece and a handgun, even a bomb-sniffing dog.

Border police patrol the light-rail station where two people were killed last week in a terrorist attack.  Joshua Mitnick/JW

Second Victim Dies Of Injuries From Jerusalem Light Rail Attack


Jerusalem — A woman critically injured in a terror attack in Jerusalem last week has died of her injuries.

Muslim Girls Arrested For Planning Attack On French Synagogue


Two teenage Muslim girls were arrested for planning a suicide bomb attack on a synagogue in France.

Shooting Of Soldier In Eastern Jerusalem Seen As Terror Attack


Jerusalem — An Israeli soldier in uniform waiting at an eastern Jerusalem bus stop was shot in the stomach in what police said was likely a terror attack.

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