Same-sex Couple on Israeli ‘Dancing’ Sent Packing

11/22/2010 - 19:00

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Israelis voted off the first same-sex partners on "Dancing with the Stars."

The end for television sportscaster Gili Shem Tov and professional dancer Dorit Milman came on the third week of this season, the reality show's fifth on the air.

Shem Tov is a lesbian married to a woman with whom she has a son. Milman, who is not a lesbian, was not aware that she had a female partner until Shem Tov walked into the studio for their first meeting.

Holiday Humor

10/07/2008 - 20:00
Assistant Managing Editor
If you're still in a High Holy Days state of mind, there's a place to turn on cable TV. “On the Jewish New Year, I get a migraine from my mother,” says comedian Caty Lazarus. “On the secular New Year, you get a hangover from champagne or vodka”

Captain Of Industry

05/27/2008 - 20:00
Assistant Managing Editor
He’ll never shake the association with a certain science fiction TV icon, nor does he want to. But the older he gets, the more William Shatner seems determined to eclipse that role with an astonishingly diverse litany of credits.
"The mystique of being Jewish is something you wear as part of you, as though it were clothing," says William Shatner.

Sofer Sex

09/18/2003 - 20:00
Staff Writer
When she debuts Thursday in NBC's "Coupling," perhaps the raciest show on network TV, Rena Sofer will have come a long way since her days as a yeshiva girl in New Jersey. Based on a British show by the same name, "Coupling" centers on the sex lives of six young Manhattanites. Sofer's character, Susan, is "a beautiful and sexy go-getter with an uninhibited attitude toward life and the world of romance," according to network publicity.

Hill Of A Documentary

07/27/2006 - 20:00
Staff Writer
The stars of Ivy Meeropol’s cable miniseries, “The Hill,” are a real congressman and three of his aides. It’s set in their Capitol Hill and district offices, and there is no script. But don’t call it a reality show. “Reality shows manufacture situations, they manipulate and take things out of context,” says Meeropol, insisting this is a documentary series. “We’re following the action, filming what is happening. We didn’t interfere.”

Yenta, She Ain’t

01/15/2008 - 19:00
Assistant Managing Editor
‘We’re not looking for gold-diggers,” Patti Stanger tells a prospective contestant in the opening minutes of her fast-paced reality show. But given that the show is called “Millionaire Matchmaker” and features Stanger fixing up highly successful men with less-advantaged women, her indignation may be misplaced. As in Stanger’s full-time business, men get on the show primarily because they’re rich, while women go through the wringer.

Surfing The Jewish Channel

10/31/2007 - 20:00
Assistant Managing Editor
Ever wake up at 2 a.m. longing for a good Jewish documentary? Can’t find a good Israeli film on Netflix? If “Seinfeld” reruns, public access and Mel Brooks movies aren’t filling your need for Jewish programming, the newly launched Jewish Channel could scratch your itch.

Open Sesame!

11/16/2006 - 19:00
Staff Writer
The children on the television program seen climbing a slide in a playground look like any kids one might see on "Sesame Street" in the United States except for one thing: they speak in Hebrew, Russian and Arabic. Welcome to "Rechov Sumsum," Israel's version of "Sesame Street."
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