Finkelstein In Nasty Tenure Battle

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Norman G. Finkelstein’s book, “The Holocaust Industry,” alleges that Jewish leaders have exploited the Holocaust for profit and that they have used it to silence critics of Israel. In a second book, he seeks to discredit Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz’s defense of Israel. And in still another, he was the first to claim that a widely respected book defending the Jewish state, “From Time Immemorial” by Joan Peters, was nothing more than a hoax.

Split Ruling On Lanner Appeal

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In a split decision, a New Jersey appeals court dismissed one of two child endangerment charges against Baruch Lanner, the rabbi who was convicted of sexually abusing two girls at Hillel, the Ocean Township, N.J., yeshiva high school where he was principal from 1982 to 1997, but upheld the rest of the conviction. Barring successful appeals, Rabbi Lanner must still serve a seven-year sentence and be registered as a sex offender under Megan’s Law.

Not So Wild About Harry

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Although Buckingham Palace is said to be considering offers by Jewish groups to take Prince Harry on a private tour of Auschwitz after he wore a Nazi uniform to a costume party, Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel said cryptically, “He is not worthy of it.”

Lanner Seeking New Trial

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The lawyer for Baruch Lanner, the Orthodox rabbi convicted of sexually abusing two girls in his New Jersey religious school, presented arguments to that state’s Appellate Division of Superior Court this week that the verdict should be thrown out and a new trial ordered because the judge gave improper directions to the jury and should have separated the two cases.

In Israel, The Scandals Pile Up

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A series of arrests in a suspected fraud and bribery scandal at the highest levels of Israel’s tax system shocked the public this week, with some analysts saying it could be more damaging to the country’s stability than terrorist attacks. The arrests Tuesday of 22 current and former tax officials — including Tax Authority Director Jackie Matza and his predecessor, Eitan Rub — followed a nearly yearlong probe into allegations that businessmen had for years influenced decisions in the Tax Authority.

Katsav Urged To Step Down

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Israeli President Moshe Katsav suspended himself this week to fight sex charges, including rape, that the state’s senior law officer planned to file. But some government officials and the media said that wasn’t good enough and called for the president’s immediate resignation or ouster. “In the present situation it is impossible to educate students to respect the presidential institution and ask them to hang pictures in every school of a president charged with grave offenses,” Education Minister Yuli Tamir was quoted as saying.

'Brooklyn Bundler' Rabbi Arrested On Fraud Charges

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Rabbi Milton Balkany, a Republican fund-raiser who reportedly raised $100,000 for President George W. Bush's campaign, was arrested Tuesday on federal fraud charges for allegedly misusing a $700,000 grant intended for disabled preschoolers. The rabbi, it is charged, used some of the money to pay his federal income taxes and life insurance premiums.

Kestenbaum Raps Silence Of Colleagues

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One day after pleading guilty to attempted child endangerment charges after being caught in a police Internet sex sting operation, Rabbi Israel Kestenbaum said he is "incredibly thankful" that there were no victims and that he "did not in fact engage in any inappropriate things with minors." In a phone interview Wednesday morning, Rabbi Kestenbaum, 54, of Highland Park, N.J., said he had experienced a "personal lapse on the computer for which I do not excuse myself."

A Pariah In Exile

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It has come to this for Norman Finkelstein: Back home in the Brooklyn of his youth, living alone in his deceased father’s rent-stabilized apartment on Ocean Parkway, just a few blocks from where the white-hot controversial professor grew up.  No more loyal students, no more lectures to prepare, no more radio debates with his arch-enemy, Alan Dershowitz, no more national spotlight; Finkelstein is the man no one wants, and perhaps for good reason.

Deep Throat And The Jews

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Wouldn't you know it: Deep Throat turns out to be a Jewish story. It so happens that Richard Nixon was so paranoid about a Jewish conspiracy out to get him that it even carried over to his search for Deep Throat.
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