Salute to Israel parade

Trouble In Paradise

Associate Editor

The Salute to Israel Parade is the greatest parade in New York. Itís rooted in religious virtues, thereís no rowdiness from too much beer, you can bring the kids and remind yourself why we all fell in love with Jews and being Jewish in the first place.Tell me about all the other parades, where the men dance the mambo on the sidewalks; where the Cardinal comes out on the steps of his cathedral; where bagpipes bleat the music of the mist.

A Growing Spectacle

Associate Editor
Last yearís Salute to Israel Parade sparked a furor when The New York Times ran a photograph of an anti-Israel placard amid the thousands of Israel supporters ó a posed shot for which the Times later clarified as a mischaracterization of the rally. For this yearís salute, starting at 11 a.m. Sunday, the parade committee is trying to ensure the focus stays on Israel support rather than a pocket of protesters.

On One Block, A Respite From Reality

Associate Publisher
In the shade of the gray Fifth Avenue awnings between 77th and 78th streets, the spectators were a spectacle all their own, a cross-section of age and politics cheering the Israel of their dreams and the romances of their youth.
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