Rosh Hashanah

Each Of Us Has A Personal Relationship With God

Special to the Jewish Week

 I cannot say that I have ever rejected God. There were some years in which I was not interested, and that, perhaps, is the greatest rejection of all (much more than hostility or lack of faith). But then the world seemed too small, too confined, far too senseless without Him: To me, He is the all-embracing, all-encompassing being, the great Mystery, the transcending reality that is above, beyond and behind all that exists.

Ack, Rosh HaShanah Is Only A Week Away!

Oy va voy, the High Holidays are a week away and I still don’t have plans! (And, while I haven't lost my mezuzah, I still have to put it up.)

Well, I have tentative plans, but no tickets or reservations, as of yet. That may change tomorrow night, after I go to an open house at the Reform temple I’ve been pretty sure, but not 100 percent sure, I want to join.

Saying Sorry with Social Media

Last Yom Kippur, I delivered a sermon explaining how Jewish people have begun "doing teshuvah" -- seeking repentance from others -- through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. A week before Yom Kippur the religion editor of The Detroit Free Press, Niraj Warikoo, called to find out what I'd be speaking about on the Day of Atonement.

Is Tweeting Teshuvah a Cop Out?

Rosh HaShanah 5771: A Taste of the New Year

New wines, boutique kosher chicken, summer bounty for fall holidays, non-traditional dessert options and new books as food for thought.

Art by Debbie Richman

Timing Is Everything

Staff Writer
It was meant to be an expression of solidarity with New York and a gesture of American unity against terror. But a special joint session of Congress, to convene in the Big Apple this fall, is being panned by local representatives as "disrespectful," "problematic" and "an insult." As it turns out, the session is scheduled to convene Friday, Sept. 6: the eve of Rosh HaShanah.

A Link To Yom Kippur With Reb Shlomo

Some thoughts  from Reb Shlomo on Yom Kippur.

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