Tens Of Thousands Of Right-Wing Israelis Rally In Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv — Tens of thousands of right-wing Israelis at a Tel Aviv rally heard Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vow not to withdraw from the West Bank.

German Muslims Rally For Tolerance Amid Rising Anti-Muslim Protests


Berlin - After the terrorist attacks in France, German Muslims staged their own demonstration Tuesday (Jan. 13) to say loud and clear: not in my name.

Ultra-Orthodox are Correct About the Dangers of the Internet

When I first heard that a rally was planned for Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) Jews to protest the Internet, I didn’t think it would attract much attention. After all, the Internet has long been under attack in Haredi communities and their rabbinic leaders have forbidden it in the past.

A Rally Of Their Own

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One day before the massive pro-Israel rally in Washington, some 2,500 Russian-speaking immigrants in a Brooklyn neighborhood put on their own show of solidarity. In Brighton Beach, protesters held up signs in Russian and English and chanted pro-Israel slogans as they listened to rabbis and politicians. They then marched in the shadow of the overhead Q train tracks from Brighton Beach Avenue to a candlelighting vigil.

Mum’s The Word

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Who got to speak, and who didn’t? That was the question among elected officials during Monday’s historic Israel rally in Washington. Given the length of some speeches, had everyone who sought inclusion been allowed to the podium, the rally might still be going. With more than 100,000 in attendance and live coverage on C-Span, the rally was an ideal platform on the national stage — particularly for those representing Jewish or conservative Christian areas.

Fallout From A March

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Jewish and black leaders welcomed the investigation this week of the violence at Saturday’s youth rally in Harlem. Sixteen police officers were injured, one seriously, when efforts to disperse the rally at its court-ordered conclusion time of 4 p.m. were met with resistance from participants. Five civilians were also injured, and one man was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, according to police.

‘Hate Rally’ At Carnegie-Mellon

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The leader of the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, the “largest organized anti-Semitic black militant group in America,” according to the Anti-Defamation League, led what a Jewish attendee called a “hate rally” last week at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pa. “It was the most terrifying thing I ever experienced,” said Noa Zilbering, 25, a Jewish faculty member, of the Feb. 17 speech by Malik Shabazz. “It was a hate rally; he was supposed to talk about [black empowerment in] education.”

Tuesday The Rabbi Got Arrested

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It was reminiscent of demonstrations for Soviet Jewry 30 years ago. A group of rabbis — 22 in all — staged a sit-in on the curved public stairway adjacent to the Isaiah Peace Wall on First Avenue opposite the United Nations Tuesday afternoon. They demanded that the UN oust Iran from the world body for saying Israel should be “wiped off the face of the earth” and repeatedly threatening the Jewish state.

Shiraz Spiritual Leader Off Limits

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The United States will not honor an Iranian arrest warrant for the former spiritual leader of the Jews of Shiraz, who the Iranians claim was the mastermind of an Israeli spy ring, according to the State Department. "We have seen the reports of the arrest warrant but we have not seen any supporting documentation," said a department spokesman. "We also have no diplomatic relations with Iran and no extradition treaty. Therefore this is not something we are going to honor."

A Parade With Dignity

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When is a parade for Israel not quite a parade? When the Jewish state is in the middle of its worst crisis in years. For the first time in its 38-year history, the Salute to Israel Parade May 5 will lack marching bands or balloons, thus avoiding a party atmosphere. Instead, thousands of American and Israeli flags will convey the ties of solidarity between Israel and the United States.
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