How To Prevent Future Rabbinic Scandals

Journalistic expose is a sign that all our internal mechanisms have malfunctioned.

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We have been here before: persistent rumors and reports of sexual misconduct by a rabbi over the course of decades culminate in a scandalous expose in a newspaper (The Jewish Week, “With Sauna ‘Secret’ Out, Riverdale Faces Tough Choice,” June 5).

Judy Klitsner

Belz Schools Walking Back Expulsion Threat For Children Of Mothers Who Drive


A letter issued by rabbis of the Belz Hasidic group in London saying that the children whose mothers drive them to school will be banned was not approved by the schools’ board of governors.

Rabbis Can Watch Out For Trouble By Looking Inward

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Recently, prominent Washington, D.C. Rabbi Barry Freundel received a 6 1/2-year prison sentence for spying on women immersing in the mikveh, the ritual bath. And just last week, The New York Times published an expose on Riverdale Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblatt’s longstanding habit of bringing teenage boys and young men whom he was mentoring to sit with him naked in a sauna.

Laura Gold

What Chaplains Do

A Naval Academy rabbi knew the midshipman killed in the Amtrak crash and served at the funeral.

Jewish Week Online Columnist

When people think of rabbis, they instinctively associate them with synagogues. That’s where most people encounter rabbis – when they come to services.

Rabbi Yonatan Warren, in glasses, with the family at Justin Zemser's funeral. Getty Images

Rabbis Gather In Toulouse To Denounce Islamist Terror


Senior rabbis from across Europe and Israel gathered in Toulouse, France, for a conference devoted to finding solutions for challenges facing European Jewry.

Mikveh Scandal Underscores Need To Regulate Rabbinate

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It’s been a rough post-Yom Kippur for Jews in Washington, D.C. What shook me most about the Freundel scandal — our “Water”gate — is how many people said, “I’m shocked but not surprised.” Really?

Erica Brown

Barry Freundel: A Rabbi's Perspective

Jewish Week Online Columnist

Although I live in the world of words and communication is generally considered to be my strong suit, I, like so many others, am at a loss to adequately express my dismay, disgust, and profound sadness over the recent revelations of voyeurism at the mikvah in Washington, D.C. My dismay is only compounded by the fact that Rabbi Freundel, the popular and accomplished rabbi of the prominent Orthodox synagogue Kesher Israel who allegedly perpetrated this crime, was a college classmate of mine at Yeshiva University. We lived only a few doors down from each other in the dorm all those years ago. I knew him well then. It seems that no one really knew him all that well now.

Rabbi Gerald C. Skolnik

New Shabbos App Creates Uproar Among Orthodox Circles

Developers claim app will eliminate problems the iPhone poses on Shabbat, but rabbis don't buy it.

Staff Writer

Don’t want to give up your iPhone on Shabbat? There’s an app for that.

Screen shot from Shabbos App's draft Kickstarter page. Via shabbosapp.com

Changing Conservative Judaism

A movement looking to the future finds some rabbinical role models in its own synagogues.

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We can complain about the shrinking of the Conservative movement. And we can take pride in Conservative successes of the past. But if what we have been doing until now is not sufficient for the future, what can we change?

Judith Hauptman
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