Making Sense Of The 'Pro-Israel' Label

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In the effort to win the growing political war against those seeking to delegitimize Israel, unity and coordination among diverse groups is essential -- just as in a shooting war involving guns, tanks, missiles, and terror. On university campuses, among church groups (the Presbyterians are voting on an anti-Israel divestment resolution in June), labor unions, and other venues, these attacks are multiplying. A divided Jewish community, fighting over the definition of “pro-Israel,” is not what we need now.

A New Power At The UN?

Ambassador-designate Samantha Power’s interventionism thrills pro-Israel crowd — except when it’s about Israel.

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Washington, D.C. — Samantha Power brings to foreign policy an activist impulse that many in the pro-Israel community wish was more prevalent among American diplomats.

Samantha Power, left, President Obama’s nominee as UN ambassador. Getty Images

Bracing For Anti-Zionism 101

College fair encourages students to prepare for diverse, often disturbing, attitudes about Israel.

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As if applying to college weren’t stressful enough — ask any high school senior currently working on applications — for many Jewish high school students there’s still another factor to consider in their decision.

Is their top college choice pro-Israel, neutral or actively hostile? What should a student do when a professor’s bias against Israel in a Middle East history class creates a chilling atmosphere for Jewish students? How should a Jewish student respond when campus newspapers and student government organizations attack Israel?

The recent workshop at Solomon Schechter of Westchester’s Hartsdale campus drew about 250 people.

Speaker: Council Still Pro-Israel

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Despite a session of raucous testimony on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on July 9, members of the City Council remain "unequivocally pro-Israel," Speaker Gifford Miller told The Jewish Week. In his first comments on the hearing that lasted more than three hours, and included a call for an "evenhanded" resolution condemning violence on both sides, Miller said there was no place for what he called a "morally relative" approach when dealing with terrorism.

Israel Issues Loom Over Senate Race

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The final status of Jerusalem, Iran's growing missile capability and a declared Palestinian state are likely to become hot-button political issues over the next two years, according to pro-Israel activists looking toward the 2000 Senate campaign. Although the security of Israel always plays a major role in New York political campaigns, upcoming developments could make the race to succeed retiring Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan a contest of unprecedented attention on the Jewish state.

Girl Scouts Rebel For Israel

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The Girl Scouts of the USA won’t be scoring any Brownie points with supporters of Israel Sunday. The organization has banned its uniforms and symbols from this year’s Salute to Israel Parade, citing guidelines against “political” activities. The march takes sides in the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, the group claims. But at least one troop leader says she and her charges will defy the ban, and quit the Scouts if they continue to “turn their backs” on Israel.

McCall: Visit To West Bank ‘Incredible’

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State Comptroller H. Carl McCall, making a rare foray by an American official into disputed Mideast territory, called “incredible” his visit Wednesday to the West Bank community of Beitar Ilit. McCall, who was on a three-day visit sponsored by State of Israel Bonds. spent the morning at the settlement of 17,000, which is about a 35-minute drive from Jerusalem.

The Brawl On The Mall (part 2)

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On Herbert Zweibon’s cluttered desk lies a Jewish Telegraphic Agency dispatch about this year’s Salute to Israel parade. The report notes that this year’s parade will be combined with an African-American event honoring Rev. Martin Luther King on May 17. Scrawled across the top of Zweibon’s copy of the article are the words “We Must Stop This!”

What’s Hebrew For ‘Federation’?

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In fundraising for Israelife, a network of volunteers that provides lifesaving medical services in Israel, Eli Beer has recently tapped into a pool of Israeli donors. “I just had a meeting with someone in Israel who gave us a large donation,” Beer reported last week. “There have been hard times for many years, and they still don’t have the capability to give what people overseas can give. But more and more Israelis are learning about philanthropy in Israel.”

Does Charity Still Begin At Home?

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Within a month after the Israel-Hezbollah war in Lebanon, North American Jews pledged nearly $300 million — and sent nearly $100 million — to Jewish federations to help Israel shoulder the costs of the conflict, which caused losses in the billions of dollars due to property damage, the loss of tourism and lost income. In view of this outpouring of money, some Jewish organizations surveyed at random said they were concerned that their general fund-raising campaigns would suffer. Others said they were not concerned.
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