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Sarah Palin Is Right -- We're Looking At A Blood Libel


Let's count who has been blamed so far by the Moderate & Tolerant Ones: Sarah Palin, the entire state of Arizona, the Tea Party, and let's blame all of talk radio, too, while we're at it, because the killer in Tucson must have been listening to talk radio stations in Cleveland and Philadelphia.

As Jon Stewart pointed out, blaming talk radio for the Tucson killer is like blaming heavy metal rock radio for the Columbine killers.

Baby Steps Against Terror

Implementation of October’s Wye River agreement is on hold, and officials in Washington are glum about the prospects for any progress in Israeli-Palestinian before a new government is in place in Jerusalem.

03/04/1999 - 19:00
Washington Correspondent

Baby Steps Against Terror

JCPA Plenum To Tackle Palestinian Link

This year’s Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) plenum in Washington, which starts this weekend, will include the usual endless debates over religious pluralism in Israel, church-state issues and Jonathan Pollard.  But the hottest actio

02/18/1999 - 19:00
Washington Correspondent

Plenum To Tackle Palestinian Link

Buchanan’s Ivy League Lament

12/03/1998 - 19:00
Associate Editor
Every era seems to have columnists with a bee in their Sukkah regarding Israel and the Jews. Returning from Westbrook Pegler’s funeral, Murray Kempton said, “I knew he was sick. He wrote [me a seven-page letter] and didn’t mention Ben-Gurion.
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