Trump: Israelis And Palestinians Must Negotiate Peace Themselves

11/14/2016 - 13:35

(JTA) — In his first long statement about Israel since winning the U.S. presidential election, Donald Trump called the Jewish state a “beacon of hope” and vowed to help it make peace with the Palestinians without imposing solutions.

Donald Trump speaking at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee 2016 Policy Conference at the Verizon Center in DC. JTA

Time To Welcome, Not Smuggle, Palestinian Workers

07/12/2016 - 11:38
Special To The Jewish Week

A recent New York Times report of a robust and thriving smuggling industry moving undocumented Palestinian workers into Israel offers an opportunity to think about what this development can teach us. 

Samuel Heilman

Is Trump Your Guy?

You want settlement construction on the West Bank to "keep moving forward" without interference or objections from the US government?  Trump's your guy.

Bluffing For Peace

There's an old adage about politicians who like to talk the talk but are afraid to walk the walk.  Nowhere is that clearer than in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict where leaders on both sides have missed repeated opportunities, frequently deliberately, to make peace.  All too often each man would rather demagogue the issue and claim the purity of his own intentions while blaming the other for all that has gone wrong.

There's more than enough blame to go around and barely enough good will to cover the head of a pin.

Four Gazans Killed When Unexploded Israeli Ordinance Detonates

08/05/2015 - 20:00

Jerusalem — At least four Palestinians were killed and more than 30 wounded in southern Gaza when unexploded ordinance from last summer’s war with Israel was moved.

Hamas terror cell planning attack arrested in West Bank

Israel cracks down on Palestinian terror groups following several attacks.

07/01/2015 - 20:00

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Forty members of a Hamas terror cell said to be planning an attack in the West Bank were arrested.

The arrests took place over the past several months, Israel’s Shin Bet security service said Wednesday in a statement. The Israel Defense Forces issued a similar statement.

Indictments will be submitted to a military court in the next few days, according to the IDF. Among the operatives arrested were Hamas officials who have been jailed in the past for their involvement in terror activities, according to the Shin Bet.

Israel arrested forty alleged members of a Hamas terror cell. Getty Images

Don't Misread SCOTUS Jerusalem Decision

Today's U.S. Supreme Court decision in Zivotofsky v. Kerry had little to do with Jerusalem and everything to do with separation of powers.  

At issue was the President's preeminence in foreign policy, not whether the United States considers Jerusalem Israel's capital but who makes that decision, the Congress or the executive.

Baltimore Mom's Lesson For The Middle East

It struck me while watching that heroic mother in Baltimore emphatically educating her son (see it here) about the perils of rioting and throwing rocks at police that she should be a role model for Israeli and Palestinian mothers.

Toya Graham saw her son Michael, 16, on TV and immediately went out on the streets looking to literally knock some sense into his head.

Cars Torched And Building Vandalized In Alleged ‘Price Tag’ Attack

03/04/2015 - 19:00

Tel Aviv — Two cars were torched and a building was vandalized in a Palestinian West Bank village near Ramallah.

Zeldin To Co-Chair House GOP Israel Caucus

Congressman-elect Lee Zeldin of Long Island, the only Jewish Republican in the incoming 114th Congress, was elected co-chair of the 100-member House Republican Caucus. 

Other co-chairs are Reps Peter Roskam of Illinois, Doug Lamborn of Colorado and Leonard Lance of New Jersey. 

Roskam, in announcing the appointment, stressed the strategic relationship between the United States and Israel but made no mention of the search for peace with the Palestinians.

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