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Leading House Republican, Democrat Introduce Anti-BDS Resolution


Washington — The top Republican and Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee introduced a resolution urging the Obama administration to increase its activities against any boycott of Israel.

Argentina’s Foreign Minister Quits AMIA Jewish Center For Blocking Joint Bombing Probe


Buenos Aires, Argentina — Argentina’s foreign minister resigned his membership in the Buenos Aires AMIA Jewish center, the site of a deadly bombing in 1994.

U.S. Must Continue To Support Israel At UN


"Peace will come from hard choices and compromises that must be made at the negotiating table."

German Leftist Party Introduces Resolution To Recognize Palestinian State


A left-wing opposition party in the German parliament introduced a resolution to recognize a Palestinian state, a position opposed by the current governing coalition.

Time To Recognize The Palestinian State

Israeli recognition of a Palestinian state could be groundbreaking, a catalyst for renewing negotiations.

Special To The Jewish Week

The recent collapse of Israel’s government may seem like one more reason to despair of our tortured politics and divided polity, but it presents the best chance in years to secure peace and preserve our democracy. The government that was disbanded was not a government of peace, in any possible way.

Hilik Bar

Poll: Most Israeli Jews Oppose Palestinian State On ’67 Lines


Jerusalem — Three-quarters of Israeli Jews oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state along the 1967 borders, a new poll found.

A Palestinian State In Sinai


In 1903 the British offered Zionists a Jewish state — in Uganda. At a time of pogroms and persecution, Uganda could be a needed refuge. After much debate, the offer was rejected. After all, Zionism was not just a political dream but also a spiritual state of mind, a yearning for a return to our indigenous, biblical, spiritual home.

De Klerk: Israel Not An Apartheid State, But Could Become One


JERUSALEM — Israel could become an apartheid state without the creation of a Palestinian state, former South African leader F.W. de Klerk said on Israeli television.

Abbas' Conflicting UN Messages

The old political shibboleth "That may be what I said but it's not what I meant" could well apply to Mahmoud Abbas's UN appearance last month. He gave an impassioned speech from the podium, waiving the formal "Application of Palestine for admission to membership in the United Nations" and declaring his desire to live in peace with the State of Israel.

U.S. Fears Pro-Palestinian Attacks On Embassies

U.S. diplomats, not only in the Middle East, are "incredibly nervous" that angry pro-Palestinian mobs will attack American embassies and other installations in retaliation for opposing Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' application for UN recognition of Palestine, according to Congressional sources briefed by the State Department.

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