OU, JFNA Slam Obama Plan To Reduce Deduction Rate


WASHINGTON (JTA) -- Two national Jewish organizations criticized a provision in the Obama administration’s federal budget proposal that would reduce the tax deductibility rate of charitable donations.

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America and The Jewish Federations of North America both released statements Monday objecting to the president's proposal, which would force taxpayers earning more than $250,000 to deduct contributions to charities at a rate of 28 percent rather than the current rate of 35 percent.

OU Reeling Over Lanner Crisis

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The nation’s largest synagogue-sponsored chapter of the National Conference of Synagogue Youth seceded this week from the youth arm of the Orthodox Union, sending a powerful message to national leadership over how the Baruch Lanner situation was handled over the years and indicating the crisis is not over.Even after Rabbi Lanner’s resignation as NCSY director of regions was announced last Friday, wide-scale communal fallout continued from The Jewish Week’s special report on the rabbi’s alleged long-term abuse of teens — physical, emotional, psychological and se

OU Names 8 To Probe Lanner Case

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Richard Joel, who was named this week to chair a special Orthodox Union commission investigating its role regarding Rabbi Baruch Lanner, pledged a “full and open” inquiry aimed at ultimately “restoring confidence” in the organization and its youth arm, the National Conference of Synagogue Youth (NCSY).Joel, president of Hillel, the Jewish campus organization, will head an eight-member commission of respected men and women in the Orthodox community.

Baltimore Rabbi Tapped To Head OU

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The Orthodox Union is set to name Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, a widely respected Baltimore spiritual leader, Torah scholar and psychotherapist, as its top professional next week, according to several sources.

OU Orders A Kinder Cut

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The Orthodox Union has instructed a kosher slaughterhouse under its supervision to alter its slaughtering practices after a hidden camera recorded what has been widely criticized as inhumane and cruel procedures. Rabbi Menachem Genack, the OU’s kosher administrator, said the change was made after he and several other rabbis visited the plant in Postville, Iowa, owned by AgriProcessors Inc. The visit was prompted by their viewing of the videotape made by the animal rights group PETA.

OU Censured On Ritual Slaughter

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The animal rights group PETA has called into question the manner in which cows are killed at a kosher slaughterhouse in Iowa that is under the supervision of the Orthodox Union. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals videotaped the process, which it calls “evidence of cruelty to animals,” but the OU’s kosher supervisor said the animals were slaughtered in a painless manner.

If OU Leader Stays, Critics May Leave

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Angry and frustrated over what they consider to be the Orthodox Union’s failure to act properly and decisively — namely, to terminate its executive vice president, Rabbi Raphael Butler, during the organization’s biennial convention last weekend — a New Jersey group of parental leaders of the OU’s youth arm this week prepared to withdraw from the national body and launch an alternative organization.

Beyond The Great Divide

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One of the key religious epiphanies is that we live in a world of illusions; not everything is as it seems. With all the justified emphasis on denominational feuds, each of the denominational publications have other things on their mind that are worth sharing across the Jewish Mason-Dixon lines.Jewish Action (Summer), the magazine of the Orthodox Union looks at the OU’s centennial, essentially Orthodoxy’s centennial in the United States.
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