14 Years After Abuse Scandal, Lessons Learned

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The youngest of the Jewish youth movements in the United States affiliated with a major denomination of Judaism, NCSY turns 60 this year. Founded by the Orthodox Union in 1954 as the National Conference of Synagogue Youth, it has connected more than 250,000 Jewish teens with Jewish life, and helped pioneer activities that introduce Judaism outside of a synagogue setting.

The Jewish Week recently spoke, via email, with Rabbi Micah Greenland, the new international director of NCSY, who was a member of the organization during his youth and lives in his native Chicago. The conversation has been edited.

Rabbi Micah Greenfield:  Getting more difficult to reach “social-media generation.”

OU Gives Wonder Bread Kosher Certification

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"You look at an Oreo cookie. You look at a Tootsie Roll. Wonder Bread is in that group."

What A Country!

WonderBread gets a hekscher from the OU.

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Wonder Bread, that squishy, snowy miracle of engineering both gastronomic and financial – the company that originally made it, Hostess, recently emerged from bankruptcy and sold the brand to another company – is getting kosher certification in the New York area by no less an authority than the Orthodox Union, according to a bulletin from the agency.

Wonder Bread, an American icon, now has kosher certification from the Orthodox Union. Wikimedia Commons

OU, Agudah Announce Pre-Election Legislative Breakfasts

Christie to keynote OU event in Teaneck; CIA's Woolsey at Agudah in Manhattan.

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Politicos will munch kosher bagels with Orthodox leaders at two major events planned just prior to local elections.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will keynote at the second annual Legislative Breakfast of the Orthodox Union's Advocacy Center on Sunday, Oct. 6.

 Christie, a Republican, will address an Orthodox audience in Teaneck one month before he stands for re-election. Getty Images

The 'Test-Tube Cheeseburger' Tantalizes

"From what I know about this thing, for sure it's not kosher."

Jezebel Owner Anticipated Name Change As 'Concession'

OU asked that racy artwork be removed from restrooms, owner Henry Stimler says.

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An owner of the restaurant formerly known as Jezebel says the idea to ditch the biblical troublemaker’s name was decided before the Orthodox Union took over kosher certification last week.

Henry Stimler, left, with partner Menachm Sendrowicz and chef Chris Mitchell. Photo courtesy JSoHo

JCPA Tables Gay Marriage Resolution

Striving for consensus, public affairs council honors OU's objection.

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There are two resolutions up for proposal at the two-day annual policy plenum of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA), starting Sunday in Washington, D.C. One advocates for fair pay, and the other for gun control. But the talk among the delegates will be about a third resolution that won’t be on the agenda.

L.A. Leader Will Likely Lead OU After Opponents Withdraw

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The planned March 10 contested election pitting incumbent Orthodox Union president Simcha Katz against former president Harvey Blitz is not to be. (See “OU Internal Struggles Leading To Showdown,” Jan. 18)

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Obama's Budget Cuts Concern Jewish Groups


Jewish organizations are expressing concerns at cost-cutting proposals in President Obama's $3.8 trillion budget for 2013.

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America and The Jewish Federations of North America released statements Monday objecting to the proposal that would reduce the tax deductibility rate of charitable donations for taxpayers earning more than $250,000 to 28 percent from the current 35 percent.

OU, JFNA Slam Obama Plan To Reduce Deduction Rate


WASHINGTON (JTA) -- Two national Jewish organizations criticized a provision in the Obama administration’s federal budget proposal that would reduce the tax deductibility rate of charitable donations.

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America and The Jewish Federations of North America both released statements Monday objecting to the president's proposal, which would force taxpayers earning more than $250,000 to deduct contributions to charities at a rate of 28 percent rather than the current rate of 35 percent.

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