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Orthodox Groups Divided On New Pre-K Rules

Option to hold class six days a week called a good first step by some, unreasonable by others.

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The de Blasio administration announced rule changes aimed at making it easier for Jewish schools to participate in its signature free universal preschool program. But Jewish organizations are divided on just how helpful these changes will be.

The city’s new rules will allow preschools to operate six days a week. But how many will want to?  Michael Datikash/JW

When Universal Pre-K Is Not Universal

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“We will offer every child, from every borough of this city, truly universal, full-day Pre-K.”

That was Mayor Bill de Blasio’s promise to the children of New York City one year ago in his inaugural State of the City address. The Mayor's pledge of a free pre-K program available to every four-year-old in New York City — regardless of background, religion, or socio-economic status — signaled an exciting and visionary approach to early childhood education for all New York preschoolers.

Jewish Groups Lend Legal Support To Hijab-Wearing Teen Denied Job

When Abercrombie & Fitch said the head scarf was a no-go, Jewish groups responded.

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Should an American business be allowed to deny a job to a Muslim teenager who wears a hijab head covering for religious reasons?

Jewish groups lend legal support to Hijab-wearing teen. Getty Images.

Orthodox Union Condemns N.J. Rabbi’s Anti-Arab Rhetoric

Statement follows Rabbi Steven Pruzansky’s 'Dealing With Savages’ blog post but doesn’t refer to it.


A growing chorus of Orthodox leaders are speaking out against the anti-Arab rhetoric of a prominent New Jersey rabbi, Steven Pruzansky of Teaneck.

Rabbis Condemn N.J. Rabbi Steven Pruzansky’s Anti-Arab Rhetoric


A growing chorus of Orthodox leaders are speaking out against the anti-Arab rhetoric of a prominent New Jersey rabbi, Steven Pruzansky of Teaneck.

Fair-Trade Going Kosher

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Timed for the Jewish New Year, a coalition of a secular social action organization and two Jewish organizations has begun a project that will encourage the Jewish community to buy some kosher food items that were produced under “fair trade” conditions.

American Jewish Organizations Condemn Murder Of Arab Teen


The murder of a Palestinian teenager allegedly by Jewish extremists has drawn widespread condemnations from across the ideological spectrum of the organized Jewish world.

Rivalry Between Kosher Certifiers Heats Up

Brooklyn’s OK Kosher wins exclusive right to dot-kosher.

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Most of the websites we log onto daily end in a few recognizable strings of letters like dot-com, dot-org, maybe sometimes a dot-edu. Soon you might find yourself browsing a page ending in the letters dot-kosher, but only after two international coalitions of  kosher certifiers have fought a pricey, drawn-out dispute over the domain name that’s just the latest iteration of old rivalries.

Rabbi Don Yoel Levy, the CEO of OK Kosher, which owns the domain name dot-kosher. Courtesy OK Kosher

Time To Stand Up To The Rabbinate

Rabbi Avi Weiss not only diaspora rabbi Israel rejected; why isn't the RCA speaking out?

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Natan Sharansky, the iconic hero of the Soviet Jewry movement and chairman of the executive of the Jewish Agency for Israel, this week characterized the Israeli Chief Rabbinate’s questioning of Rabbi Avi Weiss’s rabbinic credentials as “absurd.”

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Movements Announce Cross-Denominational Synagogue Inclusion Effort

The Reform, Reconstructionist, Orthodox and Conservative movements announced on Monday a plan for collaborating to work toward the increased inclusion of people with disabilities in synagogues.

Rabbi Lynne Landsberg of the URJ has helped to spearhead the Hineinu initiative.
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