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Obama Administration Earmarks $12M For Holocaust Survivors


Washington — The Obama administration has awarded $12 million for assistance to Holocaust survivors.

Holocaust survivors attending an event at the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C., honoring the victims of Nazi persecutio

Obama Names JCPA Chief To Faith Advisory Council


 The outgoing president of the national Jewish public policy umbrella was named to an advisory council on faith and government.

HIAS, Reform Rap Obama Administration For Lowballing Syrian Refugees


Two U.S. Jewish organizations said the Obama administration’s offer to absorb at least 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year was inadequate.

“Increasing the total number of refugees from 70,000 to 85,000 for next year and to 100,000 for the year after is a nice symbolic gesture,” Mark Hetfield, the president of HIAS, a Jewish group that assists in refugee resettlement and advocates for immigration reform, said Sunday in a statement. “It is a baby step in the right direction. But it is not leadership.”

The Reform movement also said in a statement Monday that Secretary of State John Kerry’s proposed numbers did not meet the mark.

“The new admission numbers remain insufficient considering the scope of the crisis at hand,” said Rabbi Jonah Pesner, the director of the Reform’s Religious Action Center.

For U.S., A Lost Opportunity For Mideast Stability

Special To The Jewish Week

The Obama administration’s policy toward Iran — the attempt to engage Tehran in the vain hope that the regime will somehow transform itself into a useful and productive member of the community of nations — represents a lost opportunity. Given the unrest in the Middle East, the administration had the chance to reshape the geopolitical contours of the region in a way that would have advanced American interests and assured regional stability for decades to come. That prospect has been squandered.

Menachem Genack

Freshmen Congress Members Visiting Israel Ahead Of Iran Vote


Washington — Freshmen Congress members will tour Israel with their party leaders and meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as Congress gears up to consider an Iran nuclear deal that Netanyahu vehemently opposes.

Leading House Republican, Democrat Introduce Anti-BDS Resolution


Washington — The top Republican and Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee introduced a resolution urging the Obama administration to increase its activities against any boycott of Israel.

Israel Complains It Hasn’t Gotten Promised Iran Deal Info


Washington — Israel’s national security adviser said Israel had yet to receive all the annexes to the Iran nuclear agreement, but the Obama administration insists the whole deal is a matter of public record.

The ‘Truth’ About The Iran Deal

A former U.S. Mideast negotiator throws some doubt on supporters’ and critics’ certainties about the pact.

Special To The Jewish Week

One thing that critics and defenders of the Iran nuclear agreement seem to have in common is the certainty, conviction and authority with which they present their views. It’s an historic breakthrough; no, it’s an historic catastrophe; it’s this agreement or war; and my favorite — this deal sucks; negotiations, more sanctions or threat of military force could have produced an infinitely superior one. The latter is simply unknowable. Indeed, it’s at times like these that I’m reminded of Tennyson’s wonderful quip that “there lives more faith in honest doubt, believe me, than in half the creeds.”

Aaron Miller

Biden Defends Iran Deal In Call With Jewish Leaders


Washington — Vice President Joseph Biden defended the Iran nuclear deal in a call with the organized Jewish community that drew a thousand listeners.

U.S. Defense Chief: Military Option In Play Despite Iran Nuclear Deal


Washington — The Obama administration is maintaining and improving the option of a military strike as a means of preventing an Iranian nuclear weapon even as a nuclear deal goes ahead, U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said.

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