"We've Got Your Back," Panetta Tells Israel

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is in Israel this week to deliver some critical messages -- we've got your back covered so don't be afraid to make peace, and don't attack Iran.

Will Obama Get The Jewish Vote?

AJC survey shows declining support, but much depends on which Republican runs against the president.

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The thrill is way gone, to bastardize an old blues lyric, but American Jews are still likely to vote for President Barack Obama in 2012.

That’s the upshot of the just-released American Jewish Committee Annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion. The new poll put Obama’s approval rating in the Jewish community at 45 percent, down from 51 percent in last year’s AJC poll, and more than 30 percentage points below the 78 percent of the Jewish vote that Obama garnered in his 2008 race against Sen. John McCain.

Obama: Drops below 50 percent approval but beats GOP hopefuls. Getty Images

White House Briefs Jewish Leaders On Quartet's Mideast Statement


Top White House officials briefed Jewish community leaders about a Quartet statement urging Israelis and Palestinians to return to talks with no preconditions, a key Israeli demand.

"The Quartet reiterated its urgent appeal to the parties to overcome the current obstacles and resume direct bilateral Israeli-Palestinian negotiations without delay or preconditions," said a statement released Friday evening by the grouping of the United States, Russia, the United Nations and the European Union that guides Middle East peace talks.

Obama Meets Abbas And Netanyahu At UN


President Obama met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly opening.

Obama's meetings Wednesday were part of his effort to head off a Palestinian attempt to obtain statehood recognition through the U.N.

There were no reports of what was discussed in the meetings, although Netanyahu and Obama delivered brief remarks expressing their agreement on opposition to the statehood push on their way into their meeting.

Obama Outreach To Jews Launching With Conference Call


(JTA) – The Obama re-election campaign is launching its outreach to Jews with a mass conference call.

Top campaign officials will address listeners in the call, which is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, a top Jewish outreach official told JTA.

Jewish supporters will be alerted to the call's details Monday afternoon, the official said.

The call is taking place now to arm Obama supporters with arguments ahead of the Jewish High Holidays, the official said.

Obama And Netanyahu To Meet In New York


President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are set to meet on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly meeting.

Netanyahu is scheduled to arrive Wednesday in New York for the General Assembly meeting. He told his Cabinet Sunday that he will meet with Obama, as well as other world leaders, upon his arrival.

White House National Security Council spokesman Ben Rhodes confirmed the scheduled meeting to reporters over the weekend. Obama is not scheduled to meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, according to the White House.

Ex-Mossad Chief: US-Israel Cooperation 'Never Better'

Military, intelligence and security cooperation between Israel and the United States has never been as strong as it is today, Ephriam Halevy, the former Mossad director, told a meeting of Israel Policy Forum in New York on Monday.

Drawn To Ground Zero

Every New Yorker has a 9/11 story, and mine is rather unremarkable.

I was driving my kids to school and turned on the usual pop radio station, but there was no music. A plane had struck the World Trade Center. By the time I dropped off my son Zack at school, the second plane had struck. By the time I dropped off my youngest, Jacob, then barely a year old, at my in-laws, the first tower fell. By the time I reached Yeshiva Of Flatbush to drop my daughter off, the world was in full-blown terror-attack panic.

The last remnant of the twin towers, one week after 9/11.

Sneak Preview! Amos Oz's New Book

On October 20, Amos Oz's latest book--his 14th--will get released in the United States. But it's been out for at least a month in England, and the reviews have been strong.  The word is that it's a moving, sparely written short story collection dominated by a sense of loss.

9th CD Race: Dueling Statements On Eilat Terror Attacks

Since support of Israel is a major issue in the race to succeed Anthony Weiner in Congress, I thought it might be interesting to post today's statements on the Eilat terror attacks from Republican Bob Turner and Democrat david Weprin. (Turner first by alphabetical order.)

Weprin (right) and Turner
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