Jewish Outreach, Obama Style


Monday's meeting with 16 Jewish leaders signals a new style of outreach

President Barak ObamaAdministrations sometimes say they’re just seeking input when their goals are more pragmatic, starting with the periodic need to head off potential confrontations with a powerful, highly reactive constituent group.

That said, such meetings serve an important purpose for our community and for national leaders who have learned to take both our ideas and our political clout seriously. 

Only Mild Flak for Obama on Settlements

Washington Correspondent



Netanyahu and the 'self hating Jews' in Washington

You have to wonder about some of the members of Bibi Netanyahu’s government.

Do you feel after 100 days in office President Obama is doing what you hoped he would domestically?

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Obama angst spreading, Jewish leadership gap widening

A while back I wrote a story suggesting the Obama administration is highly confident it can push Israel on the issue of Jewish settlements without risking a big political backlash from Jewish voters. That story ignited a flurry of calls and emails from readers disagreeing with me, many from Jewish leadership types, and I had to concede they were right, up to a point: there is a spreading feeling of anxiety about Obama policies in the  circles in which these responders move.

New polls on Israel, Iran -- and, in Israel, on Obama

Just in case you don’t have enough to worry about, this week brought a number of polls that may send Jewish leaders to the neighborhood pharmacy for some extra Prozac.   While Jewish organizations have been working overtime to depict Iran as the ultimate menace to U.S. as well as Israeli interests, a new Gallup poll indicates that they’ve only been partially successful.  

Jimmy Carter, Hamas and the Obama Administration

Over at Foreign Policy, the diligent Laura Rozen has an interesting blog item on Barack Obama’s Jimmy Carter problem.
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