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Nobel Medal Of German Doc Who Shielded Jews Fetches $395,000


Los Angeles — A Nobel Prize medal that belonged to a German doctor who shielded Jews in pre-Holocaust Germany fetched $395,000 at an auction.

Warshel, Karplus, Levitt Share 2013 Nobel For Chemistry


Three Jewish scientists jointly won this year’s Nobel Prize for Chemistry, the Royal Swedish Academy announced on Wednesday, a day after it awarded the physics prize to two professors, one of whom is a Holocaust survivor.

Jewish-American Economist Is Among Two Americans To Win Nobel Prize

Alvin Roth and Lloyd Shapley's work focuses on markets that do not have prices.


Jewish-American economist Alvin Roth and his American colleague Lloyd Shapley were awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science on Monday for their work on market design and matching theory.

Their groundbreaking work, which primarily focuses on markets that do not have prices, enables people and companies to find and select one another in everything from marriage to school choice to jobs to organ donations.

Alvin Roth. Wikimedia Commons.

Grassyards and Anti-Grassyards: Notes on The Gunter Grass Affair

In the war waging over Gunter Grass—the Nobel Prize winning German author, teenage Nazi soldier, and author of a poem denouncing Israel’s threats on Iran—it’s hard to tell whose national psyche is more scarred.  In Germany, where Grass, 84, published the poem, translated into English as “What Must Be Said,” the intellectual landscape has been virtual

Nobel Prize Came As 'Surprise' To Israeli Scientist

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The Technion’s Dan Shechtman is the Susan Lucci of the science world. It took Lucci 19 nominations before she won a Daytime Emmy for outstanding actress in 1999, and it took Shechtman 24 nominations before he won Wednesday the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Sneak Preview! Amos Oz's New Book

On October 20, Amos Oz's latest book--his 14th--will get released in the United States. But it's been out for at least a month in England, and the reviews have been strong.  The word is that it's a moving, sparely written short story collection dominated by a sense of loss.

Nobel Chemistry

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The phone call medical researchers yearn for is the one from Stockholm telling them they have won the Nobel Prize in medicine. When it didn’t come this year to Dr. Avram Hershko, a professor of biochemistry at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, he figured he would just have to wait another year. But two days later on Oct. 6, while he was at a pool with his four granddaughters, his cousin in Jerusalem called his cell phone to say she had just heard on the radio that he had won the Nobel Prize in chemistry.

War Games

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Not even game theory can save the Israelis and the Palestinians. That's the view of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem professor emeritus who shared the Nobel Prize in economics this week for his work using game theory to understand conflict resolution. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is "irreconcilable" and there is nothing Israel or the international community can do to bring about peace, Professor Robert J. Aumann told The Jewish Week.
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