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Doing It The AIPAC Way

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There is nothing quite like an AIPAC Policy Conference.

Rabbi Gerald C. Skolnik is the spiritual leader of the Forest Hills Jewish Center in Queens, New York.

Being Religious Is Only One Way To Identify As A Jew

A response to the Pew 2013 Survey of U.S. Jews

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A few weeks ago, my husband passed me the New York Times and said, "You should definitely read this article on page 11." I saw the headline, "Poll Shows Major Shift in Identity of U.S. Jews," and my heart sank. I knew which direction it was going. Down. That was my first reaction, before I read everyone’s responses to the study; the reactions fell into the “mea culpa” camp.

Report: Lax Government Oversight May Have Enabled Met Council Scandal

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Lax government oversight may have enabled the scandal involving William Rapfogel, the former executive director of the Metropolitan Council for Jewish Poverty, according to The New York Times.

Nonprofit organizations may be overseen by multiple government agencies, creating “potential for some problems to be missed,” H. Tina Kim, a New York City deputy comptroller, was quoted as saying by the newspaper on Monday.

Putin Warns Of Attack On Israel By Militants

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Vladimir Putin warned of a possible attack on Israel as the United States considers whether to strike Syria.

In a New York Times Op-Ed published Thursday, the Russian president chided the United States for its threats to strike Syria in the wake of a chemical weapons attack and warned that Syrian militants are preparing to strike Israel.

Russian leader Valdimir Putin arrives at the recent G20 Summit in St. Petersburg. Getty Images

Step Right Up, Folks, And Buy Your Very Own Newspaper

What MOT might snap up the Times?

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It’s been quite an awful week for old media. In the last few days, three once-proud and once-powerful print news organizations were sold at bargain basement prices. Newsweek was sold to a digital news company. The Boston Globe to John Henry, the owner of the Boston Red Sox. And the Washington Post went to Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon.

Ari L. Goldman

Weiner Speaks Out On Scandal, Wants 'Second Chance' In Politics

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Former congressman Anthony Weiner, who represented one of the most heavily Jewish districts in the nation before his fall from grace, is still considering a run in this year’s Democratic primary for mayor, he told The New York Times Magazine in Sunday’s edition.

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin speak out about the future in this week's New York Times Magazine.

Full-Court Press: Jerusalem Center Aims To Be Top Journalist Hangout

Uri Dromi wants to give foreign reporters a place to work, have a drink and meet ‘warm Israelis.’ He's building it with help from Leona Helmsley's foundation.

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JERUSALEM -- Where most people would see the shell of an old restaurant on a hill overlooking Mount Zion, Uri Dromi sees a place where visiting international scribes can have a scotch with the best and brightest of Israeli society.

Uri Dromi: Former air force colonel wants to put Israel's relationship with media on a higher plane. (Photo by Chris Leppek)

Rabbi Hartman's Judaism Of Many Rooms

A brilliant thinker, he let others debate whether he remained in the Orthodox fold.

Editor and Publisher

“Would you like to win a Pulitzer Prize?” Rabbi David Hartman asked me one day, a number of years ago.

I said sure, and wondered why he asked.

David Hartman

Tom Allon: Who's A Minor Candidate?


"The definition of chutzpah," Tom Allon tells us, "is when the New York Times tries to decide who's Jewish and who's not,  and who is a major or minor candidate."

Expect Allon to use lots of Yiddish and Hebrew words as he ramps up his campaign for mayor --  which we are reluctant to characterize for fear of being called chutzpahdik --  now that Allon is the only Jewish declared candidate in next year's race for City Hall. (Manhattan Beep Scott Stringer dropped out.)

Allon Plan: "I'll be one of the last two standing."

A Mea Culpa From The Media

As Israel’s offensive in Gaza gathers momentum, many in the Jewish community have noticed international coverage of suffering in the strip.

They have accordingly seized the opportunity to again protest the media’s neglect of Sderot and other southern Isareli communities that bear the burden of daily bombardment.

Palestinians search the debris of the al-Dallu family home after an Israeli airstrike on Nov. 18. Getty Images
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