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Contemporary Pilgrims’ Progress

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Bestselling author, New York Times columnist, writer-host on PBS, Bruce Feiler is back at what he does best — traveling the world looking for a spiritual message, then sharing the results. “Sacred Journeys,” a six-part series that documents the paths of “contemporary pilgrims,” premieres on PBS on Dec. 16. Feiler spoke with The Jewish Week by email. This is an edited transcript of the interview.

Bruce Feiler: Brings his worldwide pilgrimages to PBS audience. Via

Media Itself Mixes It Up On Israel Bias

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Western news media coverage of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict is again coming under scrutiny — this time from the media itself.

Matti Friedman: Decries what he sees as media bias against Israel.

Influential Orthodox Rabbi -- And JW Columnist -- Comes Out As Convert

Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz urges Judaism to embrace the 'other.'

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Shmuly Yanklowitz, popular Orthodox rabbi and columnist for the Jewish Week, revealed in a Sunday New York Times opinion piece that he is a convert.

Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz. via

Prominent Presbyterians Push Back On Divestment

Full-page ad in Times grew out of interfaith meetings in wake of church’s ‘one-sided’ BDS vote.

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On the Upper West Side, Rev. Katharine Rhodes Henderson, president of the Auburn Theological Seminary, which is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), is a veteran of a study mission to Israel and dialogue activities with the Jewish community.

Israel And The Media: Sign Of The Times

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When it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, few issues are as freighted as how the media, especially The New York Times, cover the story. And when there is a war on, like this summer’s hostilities in Gaza, the emotions are amped up even more. So when Daniel Gordis, the American-born Israeli author, commentator and Shalem College senior vice president, and the Times’ Ethan Bronner, the paper’s deputy national editor and former Jerusalem bureau chief, stepped into that charged landscape, it wasn’t surprising that fireworks sounded.

Michael Datikash/JW

Even Paranoids Have Enemies

Jewish Week Online Columnist

The current hostilities between Israel and Hamas have, yet again, brought to the forefront a long-simmering feud between many supporters of Israel and the world of print, broadcast and electronic journalism.

Rabbi Gerald C. Skolnik

New York Times’ Parallels Are Forced, And False

Editor and Publisher

I’ve long been a defender of The New York Times’ Mideast coverage, arguing that for all of its flaws on occasion, there is no consistent, inherent bias against Israel.

Gary Rosenblatt

Payback Time For Sderot

The New York Times has posted picture by a Danish reporter of Israelis standing on a hill outside Sderot to watch and cheer the bombardment of Gaza by the Israeli Air Force. 

There's a poetic justice in this scene after 14 years of Palestinian terrorists firing rockets and missiles at the Israeli town near the Gaza border, including in recent days.  

False Equivalency

The New York Times’ parallels of Israeli and Arab behavior are forced, and inaccurate.

Editor and Publisher

I’ve long been a defender of The New York Times’ Mideast coverage, arguing that for all of its flaws on occasion, there is no consistent, inherent bias against Israel.

The New York Times building. Wikimedia Commons

Kidnapped Boys Found In Field

Boys were likely shot close to time of kidnapping.

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The Israeli military has found three bodies believed to be those of the missing teenagers who disappeared more than two weeks ago while hitchhiking home from their yeshiva in the occupied West Bank, a senior government official told The New York Times.

About 1,000 people turned out at a midtown rally to support three kidnapped Israeli students. Michael Datikash/JW
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